‘The Only Ones’ allowed certain rights + cop leg

A note about this section: A lot of people, including a lot of police brass, say that sworn police officers are “the only ones” who should be allowed certain rights, such as carrying guns or protecting themselves. We report stories here about cops’ irresponsible use of guns or force that illustrate that cops are people too, and that being one doesn’t make you lawful or infallible. Sadly, we have stories every week. The other 99.9% of the cops have our gratitude. We also note that CCW permit holders are statistically more law abiding than the general public, and more law abiding than law enforcement officers.

Early one morning last week, 27-year-old Jerrol Harris ran from NYPD officers after attempting to steal a man’s car and shooting him in the arm. The police chased Harris who fired at them with a 40 caliber pistol, according to The New York Times. After 84 shots fired by six different police officers, Harris was finally hit in the calf and brought down. Harris has 12 prior arrests, including four robberies and gun possession. He’s facing several counts of first-degree and second-degree attempted murder, as well as other felony charges. 84 shots. 1 peripheral hit.

Portsmouth, VA Police Officer Stephen D. Rankin, who shot and killed a man in a WalMart parking lot was indicted last week on charges of first-degree murder and using a gun in a felony.

Update on trigger happy Obama staffer (see earlier report).

Update on GA cops in the wrong house who shot each other and innocent homeowner and dog (see earlier report).

It appears that the Waco, TX coroner’s office has joined the cover-up of what happened at the cops vs. bikers shootout at a Twin Peaks restaurant, where only the cops did the shooting, yet 177 bikers were arrested.

The City of Indianapolis, IN has settled a lawsuit over an off-duty cop shooting up the car and attempting to kill two teens who knocked on his door. Reserve Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Krebs no longer works for the police department, but apparently is still employed by the city and has not been charged with any crime.

Pike County, MS Sheriff’s deputy Terry Beadles, 35, has been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter for “willfully, unlawfully, feloniously and unnecessarily” fatally shooting Troy Ray Boyd, also 35, in March of this year. The sheriff’s report states that Beadles responded to calls that Boyd was riding an ATV with a machete strapped to his back, acting erratic, and that when Beadles arrived, Boyd tried to run over him. Beadles shot Boyd, who crashed the ATV and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Temple, TX Police Officer Kenneth Lee Sheka, 28, was arrested on one count of Deadly Conduct/Discharge of Firearm while attending a law enforcement convention this week in El Paso after he allegedly fired his gun into a wall in anger because a restaurant server rejected his sexual advances.

An unidentified Boulder County, CO, Sheriff’s deputy shot himself in the leg while reholstering his pistol on the firing line after shooting at a target during the department’s handgun training this week. This is known as “cop leg.”


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