History of 2A News

How it came to be is this:

Once upon a time there was no email. Then computers with email capability appeared on our desks at work. We all began to chat and swap jokes via email with our coworkers 10’ away.

That progressed into sending news items such as “Did you see the news that Remington has a new Whizbang Deerpopper Rifle coming out?”

Then we started sending those notes to groups of people instead of just our one buddy. One of my groups became “Gun Guys,” who I sent gun related items to.

Soon this was happening 3 or 4 times a day, infuriating the Inbox Police. So I started saving my items up and sending them out compiled into one email, to my Gun Guys group, approximately weekly. Add in a few snarky comments and here we are with the 2A News.

Even the 2A News name has a story. It seems that some workplace IT departments and email providers didn’t like email subjects with inflammatory words like “gun,” “weapon,” “stupid,” etc. in them, and would block those mails. So it was changed to 2A (Second Amendment) to fool the fools.

In late 2014, Mike Allen generously volunteered to make the 2A newsletter content available to the world via this website, so now you can get it either way, or both ways.

Why is 2A News weighted toward Mississippi issues? “Cuz that’s where I am.”

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