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2A News represents a significant investment in both time and technical resources. The content recommendations, articles, and related commentary are provided by me, Jeff Pittman. I don’t receive any compensation or consideration from anyone for my involvement with the site, and welcome suggestions for content, corrections, and constructive criticism. The technical expertise and administration is provided by Mike Allen of Businesswright Consulting LLC. He is compensated in the following ways:

  • Banner advertisements from relevant sponsors — (please consider 2A News as a great venue for your ads).
  • Affiliate links* (either embedded directly within an article or banner or transposed on the fly via 3rd party technology).

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    *Please note that any of the links on 2A News may be or become “affiliate links.” What does this mean for you? Simply if you click on a link and then purchase an item from that seller, Mike may receive a referral payment. (That’s how I manage to have this site and pay for his expertise.) As he explained it to me, an affiliate link does not affect the price you pay for the product or service and he has no knowledge of who places any orders. Also, please know that I only link to or recommend products and services that I feel are relevant and worthwhile for my readers. — Jeff

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