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Litigation, Enemies, DGUs, Tactics, Obit

23-Feb-2024 | 0

Litigation UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why this word is showing up in more court rulings. Workman. I am not a lawyer. But for what it’s worth, I disagree with the Supreme Court’s assertion that “the government must demonstrate that the regulation is consistent with this Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.” Because, just because the government has a long history of trampling civil […] Read More

2A News Special Edition - Mississippi

Special Edition – 2024 Mississippi Gun Bills

23-Feb-2024 | 0

Summary of gun related bills filed this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete. (Also, I did not find Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes’ proposed bill banning gun sales and advertising in the City of Jackson.) Note that there are a few hunting-related bills that are not gun-related and not reported below. When the field narrows I may include any that are still […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA, Facts & Figures, Tactics

16-Feb-2024 | 0

Action Item The NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA and NASCAR have been recruited by Chuckie Schumer to lobby for the Undetectable Firearms Act’s reauthorization. You can add your name to GOA’s pre-written letter to sports league officials to tell them to keep their hands off of our Second Amendment rights, here. Event The 2024 BamaCarry ninth annual “Firearms Freedom Conference” […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA Election, DGUs, Tactics

9-Feb-2024 | 0

Action Items Add your name to GOA’s pre-written letter urging your US Representative and two Senators to stop the reauthorization of the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 (UFA), which otherwise expires soon. The UFA bans the manufacture, sale, or import of any firearm that a metal detector cannot detect, and the Biden Administration has shown a willingness to weaponize the […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA Trial, Administration, Newsletters, Products

2-Feb-2024 | 0

Litigation U.S. District Judge Glenn T. Suddaby of the Northern District of New York has granted a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a challenge of a public housing authority gun ban in Cortland, N.Y. The case is known as Hunter v. Cortland Housing Authority. U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA Trial, Baldwin, SHOT Products

26-Jan-2024 | 0

Litigation USPS on its unconstitutional gun ban policy. (The district court’s ruling (pdf link) only applies to the defendant in the case, and did not include an injunction against enforcement of the law against other Americans.) The “Chevron defense” cases now being heard at SCOTUS. Very important. A 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Pennsylvania ruled 2-1 last […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA Trial, Facts & Law, Growth

19-Jan-2024 | 0

Action Item In order to stop the permanent reauthorization of the Plastic Gun Ban and defund the anti-gunners at the ATF, GOA has changed its grassroots strategy by sending separate letters to Republican and Democrat members of Congress, based on their support of or opposition to the effort. You can add your name here. There are several letters to scroll […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

NRA Trial & Bombshell News, Illinois, History, Tactics

12-Jan-2024 | 0

Action Item Both the U.S. House and Senate passed bipartisan amendments to H.R. 4366 to repeal the Veteran Gun Ban, but anti-gun extremists are plotting to remove that amendment as Congress negotiates the final passage of the bill. The provision in question lists honorable veterans as prohibited persons simply because they appointed a fiduciary to handle their veteran’s benefits for […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Enemies, Illinois & Ohio, Tactics

5-Jan-2024 | 0

Happy New Year and Happy Shooting! Litigation A 9th U.S. Circus Court of Appeals panel suspended a Dec. 20 injunction issued by a federal district judge who concluded California’s law that bans the carrying of guns in most public places unconstitutionally violated the right of citizens to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. The circuit’s three-judge panel issued […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Only Ones, Tactics & Stuff

28-Dec-2023 | 0

Housekeeping. A fellow blogger said this week that the online blog world is dying and not many people visit internet blog pages anymore. Apparently people prefer to be spoon-fed information pushed out to their cell phones, which of course is heavily filtered. That blogger is moving to a paid Patreon service which somehow magically fixes the problem. His problem is […] Read More

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