9-barrel shotgun

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Election In the Mississippi Supreme Court race between Justice Kenny Griffis and Judge Latrice Westbrooks for the District 1, Position 1 seat, Y’all Politics has called it in favor of Griffis, because there are only 1,800 or so ballots left uncounted and YP says “Judge Westbrooks is unlikely to overcome [Griffis’] nearly 15,000 vote lead. Would you like to vote …

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Asya Branch, Miss USA 2020 winner

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Veteran tribute “I just want to be the man he showed me how to be.” Election – critical runoff After the election we’ve had reports of widespread riots and looting by the apparently losing side. No wait, that’s not right – it seems that for the most part only the Left does that sort of thing. But at least half …

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Veterans' Day

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Veterans Day is Wednesday. Thank you, veterans. Read these, if your tears will let you: “You might get killed, but never get beat.” “Just one day, boys. Normandy. June 6, 1944.” Election Latrice Westbrooks, the liberal candidate for a Mississippi State Supreme Court Justice seat stands accused of misdemeanor voter fraud by voting in two different cities on the same …

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Smartest person in the room

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Election. The election is THIS Tuesday. Vote. GOA congressional candidate ratings NRA candidate grades 10 key issues in the current party platforms Herschel Walker, not typically known as a political analyst, nails it. Third Party candidates for President? Don’t. Just don’t. Remember Ross Perot? Can’t trust Hunter Biden with a gun either. It may not matter — if tried and …

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Bad choice in men Biden endorsement

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Election The election is a week from Tuesday. Plan accordingly. GOA congressional candidate ratings NRA candidate grades Massad Ayoob and Dr. John Lott weigh in. Yeah, I know. Trump isn’t perfect. But consider this. Police groups: Joe Biden is a fool. Well duh. Biden wants to bring back Obama’s gun ban for Social Security recipients who elect to have someone …

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How pro Second Amendment are you?

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Election Want to pay a $200 NFA tax and registration for each semiauto firearm and for each full capacity magazine you already own? Let Shotgun Joe Biden get elected. See his website for details. And while we’re talking about Biden, he refused again last week to say whether he would attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court if elected president, saying …

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2A News (Second Amendment News)

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Personal note Due to a COVID-19 infection in my household, production of the 2A News may be erratic for a while. So far, so good. Election Three Former Astronauts Back Non-Astronaut In AZ Senate Race Turns out that gun banning Mark Kelly ain’t so hot. He also says he’ll vote against Judge Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation. We also remember that Kelly …

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I don't always talk to young Democrats but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

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Ayoob leads SAF Internationally-known firearms author and trainer Massad Ayoob has been named president of the Second Amendment Foundation, succeeding the late Joseph Tartaro. The SAF is an outstanding organization very deserving of our support. Election Just a reminder that Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, among many other anti-gun actions, actually signed on to an amicus curiae brief …

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