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Massacre Observations about the Buffalo, NY, supermarket massacre: It happened FAST. You have to react NOW. If a couple of shots to the chest don’t stop a madman, it’s time to try something else – like the head or pelvis – NOW! New York has LOTS of gun control laws including bans on both broadly defined “assault weapons” (sic) and …

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“We should have Constitutional Carry.” No. We HAVE Constitutional Carry. We should do away with the unconstitutional laws that infringe on that, and do away with the politicians responsible. NRA Former U.S. Rep. Allen West has agreed to challenge NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre at the organization’s annual meeting later this month. Even without West’s challenge, there should be …

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………. Why do I have a gun? So I’ll be alive when the police get here. ………. Litigation Another Sig P320 lawsuit. I do not have experience with these pistols, but it is my understanding that the striker remains fully cocked after the slide reciprocates, and while it has a “striker safety,” most of the civilian models have no manual …

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The Second Amendment It’s not about sport. It’s undeniably about prohibiting the government from encroaching on the rights of private civilians to possess WEAPONS OF WAR. “But nobody’s trying to take your guns away.” Oh really? Firearms have no place in civilized society. We should repeal the 2nd Amendment Gun control group calls for stacking SCOTUS specifically for the purpose …

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Patriots Day My apologies for the oversight last week. Celebrate Patriots Day, April 19 ATF ATF lies. But that’s hardly news. What IS news is that ATF’s acting director is being demoted and replaced, even while a permanent director has been nominated by President Biden, who is being accused of running a racist administration. The Associated Press reported that a …

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Good Friday and the Resurrection Is Nothing Sacred? Legislation & regulation I suggest you listen to the second half of the first hour of last Sunday’s Gun Talk radio program, with U.S. LawShield President Kirk Evans discussing permitless carry. For instance how you may think you’re legal under state law but run afoul of federal law. Will ATF decide that …

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SCOTUS nominee 100% UNqualified “I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.” – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson That’s all we need to know. Senate support for Judge Jackson is split along party lines, with RINO Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT) and Susan Collins (ME) supporting Jackson. Litigation The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed …

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NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre and the NRA admit to much wrongdoing. Duh. Another Loss: NRA v. Oliver North Litigation Tennessee court steps up for private property rights. In the case of Hunter Biden’s felonious firearms purchase, the ATF won’t admit whether it investigated claims corroborated by Hunter Biden in his laptop computer regarding his gun because doing so, they claim, …

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