The Only Ones (again)

An unidentified Prince George’s County, MD police officer lost an AR-15 rifle when he failed to put the weapon back into his cruiser when retrieving a spare tire he lent to a colleague. Apparently the incident occurred on the side of the road, not at the police garage. Detectives believe that someone may have picked up the weapon after the officer left. Gee, ya think?

FWIW, I’ve had to remove a long gun from a car truck to access the spare or other equipment. The proper drill is NOT to place it on the ground or anywhere outside the car. You lock it up in the passenger compartment until you’re done in the trunk.

A woman whose son was killed in a double homicide Wednesday was shot in the leg when an unidentified St. Louis police officer fired at her dog during an incident at a home near the homicide scene Thursday afternoon. Apparently the pit bull charged the officer inside the home and the woman who was shot was trying to hold the dog back.

Report: Connecticut has stopped confiscations of unregistered guns because over 68% of CT cops had failed (refused) to register firearms according to the new law. So they didn’t have enough cops left to pick up the guns from each other.

The gun used to shoot and kill NYPD Police Officer Randolph Holder last week was found to have been stolen in 2011 from a former South Carolina state trooper, police said. Because only cops should have guns….

NYPD caught using X-ray vans to search the public, refuses court order to release details.

A new Washington Post analysis of 800 fatal police shootings indicates that in almost all of them, police are “totally justified.” Roughly 5% occurred under the kind of circumstances that raise doubt and concern, according to the paper. The vast majority of individuals shot and killed by police officers were… “armed with guns and killed after attacking police officers or civilians or making other direct threats.”

Regarding the 5% percent raise doubt and concern, the WP says that does not mean the officers did anything wrong. Of those that raise doubt, police are almost never found guilty of any wrongdoing. There are a couple of good reasons for that: laws regulating the use of force by police are extremely deferential to the officer, and it is very difficult to make a case that an officer used unreasonable or illegal force, given the totality of the circumstances in a particular case. We are also unaware of any expertise on this issue possessed by the WP.

The Times-Picayune and WVUE Fox 8 News found that average New Orleans police 911 dispatch wait times climbed to 73 minutes in the first nine months of this year. Over an hour, on average.


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