Police as ‘the only ones’ with guns?

An unidentified undercover NYPD officer shooting a fleeing suspect during an undercover gun buy that went wrong also killed a 61-year-old bystander standing behind the suspect in the NYC suburb of Mount Vernon. Apparently lots of shots were fired. (NYPD’s “hit rate” is 18%.) Three other suspects were arrested.

The injured suspect had not been charged as of this writing because he’s still in the hospital. It’s common for law enforcement agencies to wait for hospital release before making arrests, in order for the LE agency to avoid being held responsible for the hospital bills. This of course leaves the hospital holding the bag.

A DeKalb County, GA police officer was critically injured, an unarmed homeowner injured and his dog killed in a shooting this week after three officers responding to a report of suspicious person went to and entered the wrong home because they weren’t given a street address. Apparently only the cops were shooting, including each other. GBI officials said there is no evidence the residents at the home had committed any crimes, and police never suggested the homeowner had a gun or threatened an officer.

Albuquerque, NM Police Detective Lieutenant Greg Brachle, working narcotics with an undercover officer who he knew, walked up to a car, shot his fellow officer twice, and then seven more times against the victim’s pleas. The narco deal was valued at $60.

A Millis, MA part-time police officer tentatively identified as Bryan Johnson completely fabricated his story claiming to have taken gunfire Wednesday before getting into a fiery car accident with his cruiser. Johnson was scheduled to begin training as a full-time officer but is now being fired and apparently charges are pending.

Police said other than shots fired by the officer into his own cruiser, no ballistic evidence was recovered at the scene. Based on that and other evidence, it was determined that the officer lied about being shot at by a man in a pickup truck. If you’re gonna shoot up your own vehicle and blame it on somebody else, you should at least use somebody else’s gun.


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