Should we trust them to be “the only ones”?

Starkville Oktibbeha (MS) School Superintendent Lewis Holloway was arrested and booked into the Oktibbeha County jail on two counts of simple assault and threatening after a disturbance (not on school property) in which he allegedly fired a gun into the air.

Barvetta Singletary, 37, is a “Special Assistant” to President Barack Obama and House Legislative Affairs Liaison. Before joining the White House staff, she worked as Policy Director for the Office of the Assistant Democratic Leader, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC).

Last week she was arrested and charged with domestic violence last weekend after allegedly taking and firing her boyfriend’s service pistol in his direction at her home in Upper Marlboro, MD, where she had called him for sex. The boyfriend is a US Capitol Police officer and apparently has more than one girlfriend and fewer than average brain cells.

Singletary has reportedly been placed on unpaid leave and had her access to the White House revoked, but has not been fired. No word on charges for attempted armed robbery, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a weapon, brandishing, assault on a law enforcement officer, and theft of government property. Also no word on background checks for presidential or congressional staffers.

The campus group Students United Against Police Brutality obtained documents that show the University of Minnesota neglected to disclose ownership of three M79 grenade launchers it received through the federal Law Enforcement Support Office established by the DoD, whose 1033 program allows “police” departments to obtain surplus military weapons for free. They have secret 40mm grenade launchers but don’t want anyone else to have a 9mm pistol.

LAPD is being sued for illegally destroying a $700K firearm collection. And in another case, they say they’re going to destroy “tons” of ammunition found in a deceased man’s home, but haven’t said anything about it being illegal or confiscated with any legal justification. Perhaps they will be sued again. Your tax dollars at work.


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