Problems with ‘The Only Ones’ + video

The Only Ones (also see preceding item)

Now the ACLU has an app for that:

We reported last week about three recent instances of US Capitol Police officers misplacing their loaded guns in plain sight.

Now we have a report that USCP officials are investigating. Not investigating the lax gun handling, but investigating how CQ Roll Call got the story. USCP spokesperson Lt. Kimberly A. Schneider said in a statement, “At the request of Chief [Kim] Dine, the United States Capitol Police Office of Inspector General (IG) is investigating these matters (the leaked report). The IG is independent and reports directly to the United States Capitol Police Board.”

Schneider went on to say about the leak, “The Department takes very seriously all breaches of Department rules and has established policies that address such matters. Each disciplinary matter is thoroughly investigated and reviewed, employees are held accountable for their conduct, and they are provided due process in adjudicating these matters. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation, an employee’s record, and other ‎required considerations, an appropriate penalty is applied, up to and including termination of employment.”

No word on any investigation or discipline regarding the lost weapons, just on the report leak.

McCracken County, KY Sheriff’s Department Detective Cory Golightly has been put on paid leave after a shooting incident at a wedding at Bardwell Baptist Church in Carlisle County over the weekend. Apparently the detective was adjusting his jacket when his non-issue gun and holster fell out of his jacket and went off and shot his mother, who is now in stable condition.

NC Police Lt. Matthew Kohr spilled a free cup of Starbucks coffee in his lap and is now suing Starbucks for $50,000 (or $750,000, depending on which lamestream source you check, but still down from his initial consideration of $10 million) because he burned himself, causing emotional distress that his wife went through in the loss of her “intimate partner,” a new level of “edginess, nervousness, wasn’t comfortable in the car,” and because his role as a police supervisor required him to be comfortable leading people “and being confident and I didn’t have those same feelings as I had in the past.” He also says he “didn’t think the coffee was that hot.” Poor baby — let’s find you a new job.

(Coffee boils at approximately 212° F. It will not exceed that temperature as a liquid at 1 atmosphere pressure. So just assume that hot coffee is 212°, dummy.)

Clayton County, GA “Batman” Sheriff Victor Hill reportedly “accidentally” shot a good friend under suspicious circumstances and won’t talk to investigators about it. Hill was charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and released on bond after the incident, which Hill called “police training exercises.” Apparently felony charges are still possible. The shooting happened at a model home in Gwinnett County, outside Hill’s jurisdiction. The victim is a realtor. Again, you can’t make this stuff up.

Anne Arundel, MD, County Police Cpl. Michael Flaig, 31, was arrested Tuesday in Baltimore. Police in the city say the victim accused Flaig, who was off-duty, of groping his female roommate and then biting his testicles during a fight outside a bar while he was off-duty on Cinco de Mayo. Flaig is charged with second-degree assault and public intoxication.


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