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An unidentified (to protect the guilty) Warren, MI, police lieutenant has been placed on administrative leave after being arrested last week during a downtown Detroit bar disturbance. The lieutenant reportedly argued with the Detroit officers as they investigated the incident. He was placed under arrest on charges of interfering with a police officer and possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

Dallas, TX Police Officer Aaron Tolerton, 29, was fired this week after allegedly pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend last month in Farmers Branch, TX. Tolerton is also facing a possible aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge for the unprovoked confrontation.

Atlanta police took a suspected auto thief into custody and placed her in the caged back seat of their car, reportedly in handcuffs. She then opened fire on the cops, who returned fire, killing the perp. Aren’t you supposed to shoot them BEFORE you put them in your car?

13 current and former North Carolina and Virginia law enforcement officers have been indicted for protecting cocaine and heroin shipments along the East Coast.

US Capitol Police officers misplaced their loaded guns in plain sight on at least three separate occasions, including once when a small child found the weapon, according to a Roll Call analysis of a Capitol Police Board report. The paper reported that one officer assigned to protect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell left his gun in a toilet seat cover holder in a bathroom stall in the Capitol Visitor Center in January, another assigned to the detail of House Speaker John Boehner left a firearm in the Speaker’s suite, where a 7- or 8-year-old visiting child discovered the gun. A janitor found the third pistol out in the Capitol Police headquarters.


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