BB gun & pocket knife at school. Toy soldiers. Southern Baptists.

We have a report that a 6th grade student at Woodley Elementary School in Hattiesburg, MS has been charged with a felony after bringing a BB gun and a pocket knife to class, and apparently not threatening anyone. However MS state law specifically establishes this as a misdemeanor, not a felony. (Hattiesburg’s mayor, Johnny DuPree, is a member of Bloomie’s illegal mayors against guns group, and is currently in civil contempt of a court order.)

From Farnam:

When will we ever “get it?”

A friend attending a police equipment trade show on the east coast reports:

“… before entering the building you had to pass large signs that proclaimed:

‘No live ammunition past this point’

Most everyone dutifully obeyed the signs, apparently without question, including police officers in uniform! They walked about all day in police uniforms, with visibly empty holsters, in an unrestricted and unguarded forum.”

All this a day after the terrorist attack in TX!

Almost at the same time, friends in Baltimore report that National Guardsmen who were deployed during the rioting, all carried ARs and M9s with no magazines inserted.

Toy soldiers! reports that Southern Baptists are the second most conservative Christian denomination on gun control, and that they are also the sixth most liberal. Newsmax also says that Quakers are the fifth most conservative on gun control, and that they are the seventh most liberal.

This is why we call them the lamestream media. questions whether cops need guns. I tell you what: go be an unarmed cop and see how that suits you.


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