January 23, 2015 product highlights

Products, lots of products (SHOT Show was this week….)

Ideas for gifts for women.

Cor-Bon is now making their own DPX all-copper bullets for their line of DPX ammunition. They are also making DPX bullets available as components for handloaders. I believe previous DPX bullets were Barnes X bullets.

XS Sight Systems has new Glock Suppressor Height Sights in their Big Dot and Standard Dot versions.

Firstlight‘s Tomahawk right-angle tactical flashlight has been upgraded from 400 lumens to 750 lumens.

SIG has its 450-lumen right-angle rail-mountable foregrip Stoplite STL300J on sale for $140 (reg. $215).

Streamlight‘s new ProTac HL USB tactical light has their TEN-TAP Programming including High: 850 lumens; 10,000 candela; 200m beam; runs 1.5 hours, Medium: 350 lumens; 4,000 candela; 126m beam; runs 4 hours, Low: 85 lumens; 1,000 candela; 63m beam; runs 12 hours, and Strobe: runs 1.5 hours. It uses one lithium ion battery (P/N 74175), rechargeable while installed using a supplied USB cord or optional AC wall adapter. It also accepts two 3V CR123A lithium batteries or a commercially available Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable battery.

Streamlight’s EPU-5200 provides extended power for USB devices and includes a built-in flashlight. It provides 5,200 mAh to power the following devices with micro-USB inputs:

  • 4+ full charges for Streamlight Stylus Pro USB, Clipmate USB and Double Clutch USB
  • 2 full charges for Streamlight ProTac HL USB
  • 1+ full charges for most smartphones and tablets: 2-3 full charges for iPhones; 2 full charges for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones or most other smartphones
    Apparently recharges with a USB and includes 5″ 2.0 USB-to-micro-USB cord.

Ruger has a prototype micro-length action M77 Hawkeye chambered in .17 WSM rimfire. Why it’s not in the M77/22 platform (which currently houses rimfires, rimfire magnums, and .17 & .22 Hornets) is a mystery.

Rock Island Armory has a new 1911-style .380 ACP pistol called the Baby Rock Standard CS, designed to be a concealed carry pistol. It has an external extractor, and appears to be too large for most pocket carry (I don’t recommend single action pistols for pocket carry anyway). 6+1 capacity, $459.

We teased this one a few weeks ago. Benelli‘s new 828U is an over/under shotgun that features an aluminum receiver (with steel hinges), carbon fiber rib, gel comb, shim-adjustable drop and cast, a fully removable trigger group, and fiber optic front sight. 6.6 lb. (28″). The black receiver model is $2499 and the figured/nickel version is $2999.

Korth, the “Rolls Royce” of revolvers, is releasing a new 6-shot, 2 inch “Sky Marshal” revolver in 9mm that does not need moon clips. They are also releasing a 9mm speedloader.

Grabagun.com has Smith and Wesson M&P-10 Rifles in .308WIN, 18″ for just $999. They also have Remington 1911 R1s with 2 mags for under $500 after rebate.

Walther‘s new compact CCP in 9mm has a single-stack, 8-round magazine and measures 163 mm length, 130 mm height, 30 mm width. It uses a gas-delayed blowback action and polygonal rifling in its fixed 3.5″ barrel.

Weatherby‘s new Element Deluxe semi-auto shotgun line uses an inertia-operated action. Available in 12, 20 or 28 gauge with either a 26″ or 28″ barrel. $1,099 in 12 or 20 and $1,149 for the 28.

Weatherby’s new PA-459 TR 8-Shot pump and SA-459 TR 8-Shot semi-auto, pistol-grip defensive shotguns feature a magazine capacity of seven 2¾” shells (plus one in chamber; 6 in the mag. when using 3″ shells). $849 for the SA-459 TR 8-Shot, $599 for the PA-459 TR 8-Shot black synthetic and $649 for the PA-459 TR Black Reaper and digital camo.

Browning has some CCW purses on the way. $50-100.

Browning is expanding its Citori 725 line of Over/Unders with 28 ga. and .410 bore versions in two models. The Sporting model (for clay target shooters) is available with 30″ or 32″ barrels and includes 5 deluxe grade extended choke tubes. $3,199 in either chambering. The Field model (for hunters) is available with 26″ and 28″ barrels, has a bird engraving on the receiver and includes 3 choke tubes. $2,599 for either chambering.

Bushmaster now has a .50 BMG rifle.

UTAS has their UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun, now suppressed.

Then there’s the double-double DP-12 shotgun. I don’t like this one because of the ease of confusion over when to pump it during an exciting event. (Pump once, shoot twice, pump once again.)

Remington announced an “improved” R51 pistol. Caveat emptor.

Benchmade has a bunch of new knives out and their biggest news seems to be the Ambidextrous Push-button mechanism touting functionality and strength. It will be offered in an assisted-opening configuration and an automatic-opening configuration.

John Farnam recommends Brian Hoffner’s knife fighting DVD.

You may also want to check out Michael Janich’s products.

We had previously suspected Caracal USA of being out of business. But they attended SHOT, and brought rifles.

Winchester‘s new XPR bolt action rifle uses its M.O.A. trigger and offers a 60-degree bolt lift, two-position thumb safety and cocking indicator, bolt unlock button that allows the chamber to be unloaded with the thumb safety in the on-safe position and a detachable polymer box single stack magazine. .30-06 Spr., .270 Win., .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag. offered. $550.

ATK/Speer has their improved Gold Dot 2 round in the works, with the 147 gr. 9mm reportedly picked as the next latest greatest FBI issue round, while the NYPD wants a 124 gr. version. Due to government demand, ATK says the Gold Dot 2 may still be 2 years away from commercial sales.

(It occurs to me that the FBI has literally spent 30 years trying to get away from the Miami shootout that triggered its multiple attempts at abandoning the 9mm (for no real good reason), but keeps coming back to it, like they’re attached with a bungee cord. Meanwhile, I’ve heard of no proposals that the FBI abandon the 12 gauge shotgun and buckshot, which also “failed” in the same shootout. Maybe the FBI should just stick with whatever guns and ammo works and instead concentrate on training and crimes.)

Eley is introducing two new .22 LR loads specifically for semi-auto rimfire rifles. A supersonic “force” brand will be coated in a special finish to allow for easier feeding, and the “contact” brand will be subsonic ammo for quiet shooting and accurate groups. About $8 a box.

Heretofore, manufacturers have found it difficult to produce (convert) semiauto rimfire rifle designs in .17 HMR due to its higher/quicker pressures. But Savage thinks it has that problem solved in its new Savage A17 rifle which uses a unique delayed blowback system to handle the higher pressures. The mechanical delay allows enough time for some of the pressure to bleed off before the next cartridge is chambered. The rifle has a hard chrome bolt, case hardened receiver, 10-round rotary magazine, AccuTrigger, and button rifled barrel, and works with any .17 HMR ammo. In addition, CCI, owned by Savage’s parent company ATK, has developed a specific .17 HMR load called the CCI A17 Varmint Tip ammo that’s designed for perfect feeding and function in the semiauto. It also produces muzzle velocities 100 fps faster than other .17 HMR loads with the same bullet weight. $470 for the rifle. And you can actually find .17 HMR ammo.

Double Star‘s new Covert Dragon is their DS4 version of an AR-15 that breaks down and stores in a discreet carry case. It has a 16″ chrome moly barrel with a 1:7 or 1:9 twist and 5.56/.223 chambering, and uses DRD Tactical’s quick change barrel/free-floating handguard system for a 30-second breakdown time. The included carry case comes with a second layer of die cut foam to store a pistol. $1,900.

Bushnell‘s Legend line of binoculars has been expanded with more affordable models, which all feature RainGuard HD coating, a lightweight magnesium chassis, twist-up eyecups, fine-click adjustments built into the diopter, and fully multi-coated optics, and are available in 8×42 and 10×42. The Legend E is the entry-level at $199; the Legend L is a step up for $299 with a rubber housing; the M series is $399 and has 92% light transmission and an open bridge design.

Bushnell has also added some riflescopes to the Elite line: The Elite 3500, for $259-$429, is 15% shorter than previous versions. The Elite 4500 has a four-times magnification ratio, is 25% shorter than previous versions (about 4½”), and is available in 8 configurations. The Elite 6500 has fast-focus, a 30mm tube, 8 configurations and 3 reticle choices. All have RainGuard HD coating. If you’ve never used a Bushnell Elite scope, you should give them a try.

Bushnell also offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like your optics for any reason in the first year, you get your money back, no questions asked. So you have no good reason not to try one.

Extreme Dimension‘s iHunt wireless Bluetooth speaker and the iHunt by Ruger App allow you to use your smartphone as the controller/electronic caller for more than 600 sounds from 46 species. Once you sync the iHunt speaker with your phone you can download the iHunt app for free. The speaker will work wirelessly up to 100 yards from your phone and doesn’t require cell service to work. The speaker runs on four C batteries and produces 115 dB. The app works with both Android and IOS systems. $60 for speaker and app. Finally, a good use for a cell phone. I’m thinking add some non-animal sounds (sirens, shotguns racking, screams, growls, gunshots, human voices, etc.) and place some speakers around your residential property as part of your security network….

BLACKHAWK! has its new, big, Diversion Rolling Load Out Bag, which features a hidden, padded full-length firearm compartment with a muzzle pouch and retention straps, and can also pack up to 200 lbs. of gear. The bag is endlessly customizable with S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing and loop panels for attaching and organizing accessories. Like all Diversion bags, it comes in common color schemes and an everyday design appearance.

It turns out that one new version of SIG‘s P200 in 10mm Auto is a limited edition Gun Talk version available through Dury’s Gun Shop. There will only be 1,000 of these GT20 pistols being made and each will have “1 of 1,000” on the left side of the frame. The right side of the slide will have “GT20”. All GT20’s will come with a Sig Sauer hard case and two 8-round magazines. Dury’s is offering two options for pre-orders; either a $250 deposit or you may pay in full – $1400.

Raven Concealment has a new Kydex holster designed specifically for appendix carry, called the “Eidolon.” It is designed for comfort and low profile.

Taurus now has folding “wings” on the TCP slide to allow for an AR-15 charging handle-like grasp or for pushing against a solid object to rack the slide. The Model 85 revolver now has a convertible hammer. With a 1/4 turn, the hammer spur can be removed from the hammer. I want one for every DA revolver I have.

Leatherman has a cool new wristband toolset called the Tread. $150-$200, and they say you can wear it on a plane. Another version including a watch is in the works. Or just drive a truck with a toolbox and gun rack instead.

Howa has a new Mini Action bolt action rifle, with a bolt travel about an inch shorter and an action weight about 3 oz. lighter than short actions. The rifle is available with barrels in lightweight, standard, or heavy configurations. The lightweight and heavy barrels are 20″ long, while the standard barrel is 22″. The rifles come with an HACT 2-stage trigger and 5-round synthetic detachable box magazine, and are available in .204 Ruger and .223 Rem., with additional calibers are coming soon. Available in black, OD green, or Kryptek Highlander camouflage. $608-$753.

The Crazy Quail clay target thrower is apparently why you need a hi-cap shotgun . A mini version is also available – programmable and controllable with an iPhone.

Hi-Point Firearms now has a .380 ACP carbine (to complement that .380 pistol, because a 9mm pistol was too big to carry), and the entire carbine line will be offered in dipped camo patterns (Desert Digital, Muddy Girl and a sticks-and-leaves). Lipstick on a pig?

USA-made Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles and shotguns will apparently be produced by American company RWC, which is the official importer and distributor of Kalashnikov AK-47s. The company had to stop importing the guns after the US imposed sanctions last year against Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis. RWC said it is not permitted to have any contact with the Russian company, Kalashnikov Concern, which makes the AK-47s. RWC, based in Tullytown, PA, has the rights to the real AK-47 Kalashnikov brand of guns, which has been produced in the Soviet Union after World War II, while knock-off duplicates are made everywhere.

A company called “The Activity Group,” makers of trauma kits, have a product called “XGauze.” It is gauze populated with tiny sponges that immediately expand when they get wet. Like “Combat Gauze,” it is designed so that it can be stuffed into wounds, causing internal pressure and thus controlling bleeding. Suitable for places that don’t lend themselves to the use of a tourniquet, like shoulder, buttocks, and abdomen. It uses no chemical hemostatic agent.

X Products has some new items:

  • The Can Cannon is an AR-15 accessory for launching full un-opened 12oz soda cans with M200 mil spec blanks. It can reach an average distance of 105 yards, and is available in black, flat dark earth and olive drab. Can Cannon accessories like grappling hooks and nets are coming.
  • The billet machined X-15 SCU (side charged AR-15 upper receiver) is a non-reciprocating side charging design that improves where others have left off. Designed to work with .223, .300 BLK and 9mm.
  • The 50 Round X-15 9MM Drum Magazine for 9MM Colt Pattern AR-15s is built using coil magazine design, is only 8 oz. heavier than a standard stick magazine, and is claimed to be the most compact 9mm drum magazine on the market. Made of aluminum and steel; there are no plastic parts. Guaranteed to be reliable.

Barnes Precision Match rounds are loaded with a match grade OTM (Open Tip Match) BT projectile featuring a long boat tail and high BC. Scan the QR code located on the back of each box to view Doppler radar generated drop tables specific to each load. Precision Match will be offered in 5.56x45mm 69 grain OTM BT, 5.56x45mm 85 grain OTM BT, .308 Win. 175 grain OTM BT, .300 Win. Mag. 220 grain OTM BT, and .338 Lapua Mag. 300 grain OTM BT.

Barnes RangeAR Ammunition claims higher velocity, flatter trajectory and ultimate accuracy at an affordable price. New brass is loaded with a lead-free, copper-jacketed, zinc core OTFB (Open Tip Flat Base) projectile. The zinc core reportedly works well in fast twist barrels. Specialized propellants are optimized for AR with any barrel length. Scan the QR code located on the back of each box to view drop tables for a variety of barrel lengths specific to each load. The RangeAR line will initially be offered in 5.56x45mm 52 grain OTFB and .300 AAC Blackout 90 grain OTFB.

DMT‘s new proprietary HardCoat surface sharpening technology provides the extra durability needed for long-term sharpening of ceramic or steel knives. Ceramic blades, while harder than the hardest steels, are also delicate and more prone to nicks and dings, and lose their edges slowly over time. DMT says all its sharpeners can handle the hardest materials, including ceramic, the company is taking it to the next level with its proprietary HardCoat surface, which offers the toughest and longest-lasting diamond surface ever, available on these DMT products:

  • 8-inch DuoSharp HC Sharpener with Base (Extra-Fine/Fine grit combination; Model W8EF-H-WB)
  • 12-inch Diamond Steel HC Sharpener (Fine grit; Model DS2F-H)
  • Diafold HC Double-Sided Sharpener (Extra-Fine/Fine grit combination; Model FWMEF-H)

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