December 12, 2014 product highlights

Ruger has a few blue and purple LCPs available for just a few more days.

Dan Wesson is introducing a new 1911-style pistol, chambered in both 10mm and .45 ACP, of a quality comparable to the top-of-the-line Dan Wesson Valor pistols. The Silverback will be a two-tone gun with a a polished black frame and a silver-stainless slide. $1883-$2064.

Kimber has the Micro Raptor Stainless, a .380 ACP miniature 1911 pistol, a lot like the lightweight Colt Mustang. $960.

The Tommy Gun Egg (and pancake) Fryer.

Mossy Oak camo formal tux.

Bacon Freak Lip Balm. I’m thinking this stuff will CAUSE chapped lips.

New ARs for $475. You can also still get name-brand ones for under $600.

Police pistol trade-ins.

Top 5 toy guns every child should get for Christmas. Just be responsible and supervise so that they can’t point them at a cop.

Charter Arms will release a .45 ACP version of the 5-shot Pit Bull snubnose pocket-size revolver (currently available in .40 S&W) early next year.

Since the .45 ACP is a rimless cartridge, the Pitbull uses a unique mechanical system to engage the cartridges under the recessed rims. The design includes a dual coil spring assembly in the extractor which allows for the insertion and retention of cartridges with no moon clips required. This allows a shooter to insert and extract the rounds in a manner nearly identical to regular rimmed revolver cartridges (but shot loads probably won’t function). 21 oz., about $500.

This should be an excellent BUG for anyone who carries a .45 autoloader as a primary. You can just use your regular magazines to shuck out reloads for the Pit Bull, should your primary gun go away.

We hear that Remington has discontinued production of its iconic SP10 shotgun.

Benelli has announced the 828U, an over/under shotgun. That’s all I know about it so far.

Adjustable aperture sights for the 10/22.


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