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GRPC, Litigation, Enemies, Tactics & Stuff

21-Sep-2023 | 1

GRPC Livestream the 2023 Gun Rights Policy Conference this Saturday, September 23rd beginning at 8 am Phoenix time. FREE. Action item Sign a petition urging your U.S. Rep. to co-sponsor Rep. Andrew Clyde’s bill to BLOCK the ATF’s new rule implementing backdoor Universal Background Registration Checks. Litigation A panel of the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Lotsa Enemies, The Usual Misc.

15-Sep-2023 | 0

I am writing this on 9/11. I know y’all remember how Americans of all stripes came together after the terrorist attacks. What happened since? Can’t we do that again? It seems at least one other person agrees: Assignment for the kids During summer or holiday breaks, go build your own AR, do some competitive shooting, or something similar. Then when […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Biden Jr., 63%, Tactics

8-Sep-2023 | 0

Action item Sign the petition opposing ATF’s new rule that would require a Federal Firearm License and a background check on ANY firearm transaction where the ATF deems that any kind of “profit” is made. In other words, no more private sales, plus gun registration. More on the rule here and here. Litigation The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Enemies, Only Ones, Tactics

1-Sep-2023 | 0

Litigation Senior Judge Robert Payne of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled the federal law prohibiting handgun sales to adults under 21 years old unconstitutional in May, and this week granted class action to the suit and issued an injunction blocking the ban nationwide. However, Judge Payne also issued a stay on his ruling that […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Only Ones, Tactics, Thongs

24-Aug-2023 | 0

Litigation (Kim) Rhode v. Bonta is a federal case challenging California’s bizarre ammunition sales restrictions, which forbid residents from purchasing ammunition online or bringing ammo purchased out-of-state into California. Instead, residents are forced to purchase ammunition in person and go through a background check before taking possession. Visitors to California aren’t allowed to bring ammo with them, and the only […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Tactics

18-Aug-2023 | 0

Litigation The Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state’s new massive gun and magazine ban last week. Look for a challenge to the law in federal court. Safari Club International and the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation sent a notice of intent to sue the U.S. Department of Education over the Department’s misinterpretation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which would prohibit […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Lots More Litigation, Enemies, Rifle Fixes

11-Aug-2023 | 2

Litigation Garland v. Vanderstok presented a challenge to the “Frame or Receiver” rule (called the “Ghost Gun” regulation in the liberal media). The district court vacated the rule, and the Fifth Circuit denied a stay against the district’s decision. The U.S. Solicitor General then petitioned for a stay of the lower-court ruling on the Supreme Court’s emergency docket. Associate Justice […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Lots of Litigation, Studies, Newsletters

4-Aug-2023 | 2

Litigation We reported last week that the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied ATF’s request to stay the district court’s order against the ATF in the “ghost gun” ban case. But then U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appealed that denial to the Supreme Court, which granted the stay for one week, until today, Aug. 4. We understand that it […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, NRA, Only Ones, ATF, Tactics

28-Jul-2023 | 0

Litigation After an Illinois county circuit court judge sided with the state that its Firearm Owners Identification card requirement is constitutional, the plaintiff plans to appeal. The FOID card – in effect since the 1960s – is required for Illinoisans to buy or possess firearms and ammunition. You may recall that the Illinois State Police also uses the FOID database […] Read More

2A News (Second Amendment News)

Litigation, Enemies, Liars, DGUs, Tactics, Obit

21-Jul-2023 | 1

Litigation Judge Karin Immergut of U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon has ruled that Oregon’s voter-approved law – Ballot Measure 114 – banning large capacity magazines and requiring a permit to purchase a gun falls in line with “the nation’s history and tradition of regulating uniquely dangerous features of weapons and firearms to protect public safety.” That of […] Read More

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