Mississippi Capitol

Special Edition – Mississippi Gun Bills

Summary of gun related bills filed this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete. Next deadline: March 3 for committees to act on bills. http://www.legislature.ms.gov/legislation/ Apologies to list members not in Mississippi. HB 138 By: Rep. John Hines (D) Ref: Jud. B, Constitution Requires that purchasers of “automatic weapons” receive a purchasing permit from the Department of Public Safety (after a 30-day …

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Dear GOP

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Coming soon: Mississippi gun legislation report. Presidential Election “I would like to be able to be back in high school and just have he (Pres. Trump) and I in a room.” — Shotgun Joe Biden, during an appearance on “The View” Where’s the “red flag” report and Biden’s subsequent disarming and charges for the threat? Trump would probably clean Biden’s …

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Forest, MS range closed Precision Shooting Center, LLC, Forest, MS, (Formerly Sherman Hill) has closed due to low demand. It will reopen if and when the demand justifies it. The facility also has a camping area, stocked fishing pond and 18 training stations in shaded adjacent woods. For the present, they will consider rental or lease requests from companies and …

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NRA voting recommendations, Bloomberg’s lying Super Bowl ad, enemies, The Only Ones, (should have been a) DGU, thought-provoking imagery, products and more.

That's some mighty fine police work

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Housekeeping Folks, researching and compiling this newsletter takes a lot of time and I am growing weary of doing it. Therefore, I am going to attempt a reduced version, perhaps consisting of less content or lower frequency, or both. I welcome your thoughts. Litigation The Third US Circuit Court of Appeals (DE, NJ, PA, VI) has ruled that a misdemeanor …

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Whatever it wants

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Housekeeping Hi folks; sorry for the missed 2ANewsletter last week. Due to AT&T’s abysmal communications system, both my internet and phone service unexpectedly quit for the entire week of 1/5-1/12, so I never got to send the newsletter, much less research and compile it. Parts of Mississippi closed to hunting (except waterfowl) due to flooding. The Jackson area, and probably …

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vote your way into Communism but have to shoot your way out

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Happy New Year PYTHON! This can’t wait until you get to Products at the bottom. Colt has reintroduced its famous Python revolver. Only $1500. Note that this revolver has the cosmetics of the original Python with the less costly next-generation trigger system and internals of the New Cobra series. Since it’s a “new” gun, there may be bugs in early …

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