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Choking We have a report that Operation Choke Point is back — financial institutions, under pressure from the federal government, are refusing or terminating service to gun related businesses. NRA debacle update Last week’s emergency meeting of the NRA board was canceled, reportedly because of “multiple Covid exposures” to several people necessary to operate the meeting. Or maybe it was …

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Biden’s appointments Judiciary Interior One commentator asks why President Biden has gone longer in the White House without taking questions from the press than any Chief Executive in recent memory. Maybe because he doesn’t have any answers? Joe Biden: not the smartest rock in the box. This is a real video with real quotes. #prayforAmerica pic.twitter.com/0XvX6rn09l — Scott Fishman (@ScottFishman) …

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If the government says you don't need a gun, you need a gun!

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Legislation (see MS leg. at bottom of newsletter) NRA, NSSF Warns Dems Could Move On Gun Control Federal lead hunting ammo ban ………. Take action here. And here. ………. NRA Oklahoma invites NRA to move there. I guess that would be “OK.” Meanwhile in this month’s magazine column, NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre (or whoever writes for him) wrote about “dumping …

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Against Guns and Walls

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SCOTUS and ACB Will Amy Coney Barrett Shake Up The Second Amendment In Her First Year On The Supreme Court? Action item Urge your U.S. Senators to vote “NO” on Biden’s anti-gun nominees. You can edit the text. We note that U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS), who serves on the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, expressed …

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Don't call us guns

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Legislation Utah and Montana have both passed constitutional carry laws. There are now 18 states that recognize the right of legal gun owners to lawfully bear arms without a government permission slip. Five Gun Control Bills Are More Dangerous Than Sheila Jackson Lee’s Absurd Legislation NRA How to help fix the NRA. Listen to the first ~23 minutes of last …

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Remember when this was legal?

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Action item Democrats trying to pack the courts. Send letter from here. (Click the “next” button to get to the GOP letter version.) The D.C. Circuit already tilting left. NRA Major NRA donor David Dell’Aquila, who is leading a class action suit over accusations of financial impropriety, says he will request a court-appointed trustee to temporarily oversee operations of the …

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Why you shouldn't invade America

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Legislation (see MS bills at bottom of newsletter) U.S. Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin (D-IL) has announced that passing gun control will be a top priority for the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he now chairs. Gun bills in Congress. Take action against possible Red Flag laws in your state. NRA Like it or not, the biggest ally gun owners have on …

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Toto, I have a feeling we're not in America anymore

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Action Items Democrats in the U.S. Senate are trying to eliminate the filibuster rule – a procedure that effectively requires senators to first obtain 60 votes (out of 100) before they can move legislation. With the Democrats in control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, the filibuster may be our last recourse to prevent passage of bad federal legislation including gun …

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