Protest vs looting

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MS federal gun case The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that an employee of a company contracted to do work at a Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi who was fired for having a firearm in his car at work has no legal protection, even under the state’s law that allows for some legal gun owners to lawfully …

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First Rule of Gun Safety: Never let the government take your guns

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Watching a murder Rioting is breaking out in various cities around the country, including the torching of an occupied police precinct building in Minneapolis, from which the cops fled. Be careful out there; better yet, don’t be out there. I’m no lawyer, but my understanding is that a person(s) in the act of committing arson on an occupied building is …

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Memorial Day Monday is Memorial Day, when we give tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Think about that before you start in on the hot dogs and water skiing. CCRKBA, SAF Hosting Free Online Grassroots Training Sessions Next Week CCRKBA, SAF HOSTING FREE ONLINE GRASSROOTS TRAINING SESSIONS The 2A Acid Test, by Dave Workman Read …

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Litigation A three judge panel from the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver said a lower court was right to reject a request from Clark Aposhian to temporarily block last year’s Trump Administration bump stock ban, because he did not show he was likely to win his case. The appeals court also said he failed to show that …

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The US Supreme Court considered nearly a dozen different Second Amendment-related cases in conference last week, but has not yet accepted or dismissed any of the cases. Instead, the Court carried all of them over, so they will again be heard in conference in May. The Court is now hearing arguments by phone. GOA sues ATF over revocation of NICS …

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Suspend rights during crisis

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Jackson, MS mayor appoints himself king of the state, gets sued, runs away Jackson, MS, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, who is a protégé of Michael Bloomberg’s Harvard City Leadership Initiative and a Bernie supporter, says he “suspended” the state “open carry” law by executive order. (I find no “open carry” statute in the state code.) He cited the wrong authorizing …

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not a single mass shooting and gun sales at highest in history

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The FBI is violating your civil rights. Again. Still. Litigation It looks like the US Solicitor General is running away from challenges to unconstitutional gun control laws. In the case Rhode v. Becerra (S.D. Cal. 2020), U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego ruled this week in favor of the California Rifle & Pistol Association and issued a preliminary …

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2A News (Second Amendment News)

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Patriots Day Sunday is Patriots Day. Celebrate appropriately and ballistically. Virus Guidelines for FFLs during the pandemic. Don’t count on the police being there, especially now. Have you noticed? Since the Coronavirus pandemic, pretty much all the home schools have guns in them. Yet, ZERO school shootings. Therefore, it must not be the guns. CBS reports that March 2020 was …

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