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Litigation Why Corpus Linguistics Does Not Undermine DC v. Heller (Much) A three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Washington, D.C. area and federal agencies) ruled 2-1 on Tuesday that the Second Amendment protects the rights of 18- to 20-year-olds to buy handguns and struck down federal laws that prohibited licensed dealers from selling them to young adults. …

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Biden statement

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Regulations ATF is now accepting comments on the firearm frame/receiver definition, an attempt to get rid of gunmakers, both commercial and individual. Chipmunk The American Accountability Foundation has released a report on ATF Director nominee David Chipman, saying he “has an ideological furor that is coupled with an inadequate understanding of firearms regulation.” That’s putting it mildly. Some of the …

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Mississippi State Baseball National Champions

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Independence Day is Sunday. Be Independent. Still my favorite patriotic performance: Politics Brownells is helping you with your homework. Take advantage. Yes, it’s boring, but do some of your own homework. Legislation After U.S. Sen. John Cornyn backed out of talks with Sen. Chris Murphy to pass universal background checks, we have a report that Sens. Lindsey Graham and Pat …

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NRA Motion filed in NY court on behalf of NRA members seeks to ensure that the membership is not held accountable for the actions of association officers and to protect their rights as individuals and as NRA members. Wayne admits wrongdoing. ………. Chipmunk’s troubling nomination ………. Litigation A Ninth U.S. Circuit Court panel has issued a stay to the U.S. …

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About those pistol braces I don’t care if you don’t care about those pistol braces, typically for AR pistols. You need to know what’s up. Listen to the first half of the second hour of Gun Talk Radio from last Sunday. They’re proposing to outlaw the pistols WITHOUT braces too. Gun Talk Radio Hour 2 Factoring Criteria for Firearms With …

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I don't always listen to socialists... but when I do, I buy more ammo

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It’s after Memorial Day, but it’s never too late or inappropriate to pay respect to service members, both living and deceased. Action Item Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is still reportedly working on a deal with rabid anti-gunner, Chris Murphy (D-CT) to pass universal background checks (a de facto ban on private sales). However, Sen. Cornyn said this week that he …

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NRA Ron Carter with Save the Second weighs in Enemies You’ve Been Had [by the lamestream media] USA Today. Probably better called USA Toady. Columbia Journalism Review Abandons Neutrality – Adopts Gun-Control Advocacy Chipman conflicts (here and here) Chipman’s nomination status L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Shall Not Be Infringed ATF Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Revise Definition of …

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Monday is Memorial Day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we owe and how to be better stewards of our freedom, purchased with innumerable sacrifices. Legislation Action item – The ATF is accepting comments following the release of its proposed rules to restrict so-called “ghost guns.” You can take action here. Please consider adding a custom comment in …

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