Bad boys (and girl) – ‘The Only Ones’

An unidentified veteran 51-year-old Massachusetts state trooper sergeant shot himself in the leg with a shotgun loaded with buckshot this week while carrying a shotgun into his new cruiser, State Police said. He is expected to survive, and hopefully be wiser. You hear a lot of reports of “cop leg,” but not too many with a shotgun.

“Fearing for their lives,” several unidentified Sacramento County, CA deputies opened fire on a man who was recording them with a cell phone from the garage of his home last week, claiming they thought it was a gun. They fired “several” rounds, hitting the man in the leg and causing less-than-serious injury. The deputies then searched the man’s home, apparently illegally, and found no guns, before they apologized and left. We have no reports of any charges filed.

Seattle, WA Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole has found Officer Cynthia Whitlatch violated department policies when she arrested a 69-year-old African-American man using a golf club as a cane. Whitlatch accused the man of swinging the club as a weapon. Chief O’Toole has fired Officer Whitlatch for that incident.

Update on the Waco biker/police shootout. Still no ballistics or reports of who killed the bikers, and no indictments of the 177 arrestees.


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