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But they should be “the only ones”. Yeah, right.

Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center staff psychiatrist and University of Pennsylvania professor of psychiatry Gregg Gordon, to pro-gun veteran: “[O]ff yourself, please.”

Gregg Gorton

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Gordon says the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia is now “reviewing his job status.” He says he’s been a psychiatrist for 30 years and employed by the agency for 11 years. We don’t know why. And they wonder why we don’t want docs asking about our guns…

Retired Los Angeles Police Department detective Randolph Bruce Adair, 70, was arrested last week in Rancho Santa Margarita in connection with five bank robberies across Orange County, CA this year.

An unidentified off-duty Chicago Police officer was injured when his/her gun went off last week when the officer “took action to stop an in-progress crime,” according to police.

Maine police allow murder, arson, multiple kidnappings. You won’t believe this one.

Police in Christchurch, Dorset (UK) confirmed they were answering a 999 (same as 911 I presume) call from a nearby nursing home reporting a man holding what seemed to be a weapon. They sent a police helicopter, armed police officers and dogs to the scene only to find a gardener using a rake in his backyard. Must have been one of those evil black assault rakes with high capacity tines.

Dupont, PA, Police Chief Sean Murray was directed to turn over any firearms in his possession to the County Sheriff in a Protection From Abuse Order requested by Julie Kelly, a Scranton woman with whom he was in a previous intimate relationship. The chief is now prohibited from possessing a gun.

An unknown number of full automatic weapons, suppressors, and full automatic trigger components are missing from the Christian County, MO, Sheriff’s Department, apparently during the tenure of former Sheriff Joey Kyle, who has pleaded guilty to embezzlement and aiding a fraud scheme.

Former Brusly, LA, Police Chief Jamie Whaley has been sentenced to probation and restitution after prosecutors in his malfeasance case said he stole seven department-issued guns and transferred them to firearms dealers, forged two checks, and used a police department fuel card to put gas in his personal car and boat at least 29 times. Whaley is also suspected of stealing $600 from the police department’s auxiliary account.

Fired University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, 25, shot and killed black motorist Sam Dubose, 43, earlier this month, claiming that Dubose was dragging him with his vehicle, forcing him to fire and kill Dubose in self-defense. But Tensing’s body camera apparently showed a chain of events so significantly different that Tensing was indicted on and has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and/or voluntary manslaughter, and the camera footage is apparently so inflammatory that the University of Cincinnati campus did not just shut down, but was evacuated in advance of its release, for fear of rioting. No riots reported so far.

Albuquerque, NM, Fire Department 911 dispatcher Matthew Sanchez (now reportedly resigned) told a hysterical caller seeking help for a teenage gunshot victim that she was on her own and hung up. The department will start giving crisis intervention training to all other firefighters and dispatchers next week. One wonders what training is given when folks are hired.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, police officers took over three hours to respond to the 911-reported rape of an 82-year-old vision-impaired woman.

Like I say, you’re on your own.


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