FL law restricting unnecessary gun questions by doctors upheld for 2nd time

For the second time in little more than a year, a federal appeals court has upheld the Florida law that restricts doctors from asking irrelevant questions and recording information about patients’ gun ownership. The 2-1 decision was made by a panel of the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Wollschlaeger v. Governor. Writing for panel majority US Circuit Judge Gerald Tjoflat said the court’s latest decision is a reconsideration of its July 2014 ruling on the case, and should be read as a substitute for that earlier opinion.

The law in question seeks to prevent physicians from entering information about gun ownership into medical records if the physicians know the information is not “relevant” to patients’ medical care or safety or to the safety of other people, requires doctors to refrain from asking about gun ownership by patients or family members unless the doctors believe in “good faith” that the information is relevant to medical care or safety, and seeks to prevent doctors from discriminating against patients or “harassing” them because of owning firearms.

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