The Only Ones (again)

An unidentified Concord, NC police officer shot himself in the calf while holstering his gun during a training exercise at a shooting range last week.

While at a city park with his family, an unidentified off-duty Webb City, MO police officer had to climb onto the playground equipment to help his small child who became distressed at the top of a slide. At some point, the officer lost his off-duty firearm out of his concealed carry holster. Before he could reclaim the firearm, a 6-year old boy had picked up and discharged the firearm. The bullet struck a slide. No one was injured.

East St. Louis (IL) Housing Authority Officer Arthur Sargent was allegedly under the influence of cocaine when he shot a man in the back during a robbery investigation. Sargent was charged with aggravated battery, official misconduct and driving under the influence of drugs.

An unidentified US marshal was among four people cited but not taken into custody for assault in an apparent case of road rage in St. Louis County, MO, Sunday, authorities said. The St. Louis office of the US Marshals Service referred questions about the incident to the national press office.

A spokesman for the Marshals Service there released a statement but naturally refused to identify the marshal. The report indicates that apparently the marshal hit the victim (who WAS identified) in the face with his gun, breaking his nose and causing other facial injuries. The county police report will be sent to the county counselor’s office for possible charges.

Two Baltimore corrections officers, Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard, have been suspended without pay after being charged with theft and burglary after they were allegedly caught on camera looting a 7-Eleven store during last month’s riots.

We have an update on the McCracken County, KY, Sheriff’s deputy involved in an accidental shooting incident earlier this month. Deputy Cory Golightly has been on on paid administrative leave since May 2, when a 38 caliber revolver he was carrying fell out of his jacket and went off at a wedding he was attending in Bardwell (Carlisle County), KY.

In a news release this week, Sheriff Jon Hayden said Golightly’s employment has been terminated, “due to departmental policy infractions, including the departmental policy on the use and handling of weapons.”

It turns out that this was not Golightly’s first accidental shooting. In April, 2010 Golightly lost control of his service weapon and shot a fellow deputy in the foot at the scene of an arrest. (I’m not sure departmental policy applies, or should apply, to off-duty officers carrying their own personal weapons outside of their and their department’s jurisdiction.)

We have an update on the fatal “accidental” shooting of MS Gaming Commission’s Director of Investigations John Gorman, 45, who was killed in January during a training exercise at the Commission’s Tunica (Robinsonville) office. Gorman had been promoted to Director of Investigations the day before he was killed.

Our report states that Gorman was role playing as an attacker with an edged weapon. The agent being attacked in the exercise drew his (loaded) service weapon and fired once, fatally striking Gorman in the chest. The exercise was conducted “out back” of the office, which is in a strip mall, not in any sort of training facility.

The identity of the loaded agent has been closely protected, and as far as we know, he has not received any discipline, let alone any criminal investigation. We also have no word on who was responsible for deciding to forgo responsible protocols and rules for force-on-force training, what other officers went along with the dangerous training scheme, or whether it is commonplace at MGC.


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