Oh, the only ones!

(Also see the Jackson kidnapping item and Waco.)

Oklahoma City, OK police officer Cecil Duane Moss, 52, was charged in OK County District Court with one felony count of pointing a firearm at another, after he allegedly pulled a pistol on the father of his grandchildren during a visit to the man’s house.

Jackson, MS police officer Aaron Allen has been arrested on felony aggravated domestic violence charges stemming from a fight he had with former Jackson police officer Tina Bianchini earlier this year, in which she alleges he knocked her teeth out. Bianchini (but not Allen) was arrested at the time, and later resigned from the department, and now says that the Jackson Police Department was engaged in a concerted effort to cover up the facts in the case, and that she was fired without due process and a number of her civil rights were violated. Allen is a member of Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber’s security detail.

Hinds County, MS detention officers Jacob Johnson and Reginald Butler were arrested, fired and booked into jail after being accused of helping three juveniles escape earlier this month. They have been charged with escape of an inmate. A third detention officer was fired for sleeping on the job, unrelated to the escapes.

Toilet training

US Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said this week, “We are now providing additional training on what to do [with your gun] when you have to go to the bathroom.”

One thing occurs to me regarding cops’ bathroom mistakes involving left, lost or dropped guns: It’s always men. Why don’t they ask the lady cops how they manage?


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