Jackson, MS kidnapping gone wrong

Early last Saturday morning a local punk named Edwin (Gutta Life Dee) Robinson and another hood accosted, robbed and kidnapped a local man, a doctor who was loading gear into his truck in his driveway. They took the victim captive at gunpoint and forced him to open his safe, and then to drive his truck to an ATM and withdraw a “large amount” of money. They also mentioned some evil intentions concerning his wife who was back at home.

When they stopped and told him to get out of the vehicle, the victim, who just happened to be a USPSA shooter who had been loading his truck to go to a match that day, managed to grab a pistol from the driver’s door as he exited the truck and began firing. He shot and killed Robinson. One person at the scene said “he shot the **** out of him.” The other suspect, Andre Kennedy, managed to run away but has since been captured. He has been charged with capital murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery of an individual, and was denied bond. Kennedy is a corrections officer working for the Mississippi Department of Corrections at the prison in Rankin County.

It’s probably a good thing the victim wasn’t on his way to work; I think some of his places of employment/practice are “gun free” zones. We also have a report that the victim earned a “Compassionate Doctor Recognition” in recent years. Why the victim had to grab a gun as he exited the truck, instead of having it on his person was not explained.

As you might have guessed, Robinson’s family held a candle light vigil for him “to show some support” (their words). They also asked for donations.

This is the second incident I can recall of a competitive pistol shooter en route to or from a pistol match in Jackson being accosted by an armed thug (the other victim was a corrections officer). Both times the thug was DOA.

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