Burglar kicks in front door, bedroom door, bathroom door, stopped by Gunshot

All you really need is the headline (this is one of many similar this week):

“Burglar kicks in Front door, Bedroom Door, Bathroom Door, stopped by Gunshot”

Now imagine if the victim had not been armed and had to wait on the cops instead.

In this case, the female victim was taking a bath when the invasion occurred and did call 911: “I am talking to 911 in the bathroom,” she said. “I could hear him coming through the living room to the bedroom, and he kicked the bedroom door in. He kicked the bathroom door once, and I fired the shot,” she said.

Police arrived “quickly,” but too late to intervene.

Do you bathe with a gun? I do. I recommend a stainless or polymer model.

A woman home alone with two children was doing laundry when three armed home invaders kicked in her door at the end of a dead-end street in Trotwood, OH. The victim told police the suspects demanded she lead them to “the money,” and that she complied, leading them into a back room where a safe was located and two kids were sleeping.

Two of the suspects tried to steal a safe, while the third held the victim and two kids at gunpoint. But the homeowner was able to get away and grab a gun she had hidden in the room, then started firing shots at the suspects, who ran away.

One suspect was killed by the gunfire, and was later found outside by police, still armed with a TEC 9 pistol.

The two accomplices, when caught, will be charged with his death under the felony murder rule.

Unusual report

The parents of a Las Vegas teenager shot and killed during a burglary attempt have apologized to the homeowner who their son victimized.

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