DGUs in MS, MI, PA and CA

A housebreaker was shot by a homeowner in Jackson, MS over the weekend.

A 43-year-old bank robber at the Citizen’s Bank in Warren, Michigan pointed his gun at a 63-year-old (some reports say 60) CCW-enabled customer who didn’t appreciate that and shot at the bank robber seven times, hitting him three times (43%): once in the leg and once in each arm. He is recovering in serious condition. Charges are expected against the robber but not the customer.

I’m now closer to 63 than 43 and am surprised this result doesn’t happen more often…

Or maybe it does. We also have a report this week that a Pennsylvania school teacher/city councilman shot a fleeing bank robber half his age. From the story: “After being shot, [suspect] Way agreed to get on the ground.”

A home invasion suspect led officers on a high-speed chase into oncoming traffic on a California freeway that ended when an unidentified sheriff’s department sharpshooter in a helicopter shot the suspect with a rifle. The wounded driver jumped from the moving car and ran a short distance before collapsing and dying by the side of the road (whether from gunshots or jumping we don’t know). The vehicle then crashed into oncoming traffic, injuring three other people.

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