May 1, 2015 product highlights

Government issue Detonics?

Tom G. reports that there may be a new producer of rimfire ammo in the market soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Squirrel Daddy has their AR15 Lower Vise Blocks on sale for just $5.99. These are machined from a solid block of HDPE and can be inserted from the top or bottom depending on what part of your lower you need to work on. Free shipping. I ordered mine mid-newsletter.

Adaptive Tactical has a new “Surefire Nonlite,” essentially a “blue” dummy light for training. But at $65, I’d just buy a real light.

Last week we noted that Colt has an AR “skeleton” rifle which you can build up with your own furniture. Now we see that WMD Guns has Billet Chassis rifles in both AR15 and AR10 sizes.

Bear & Son Cutlery and Remington Outdoor Company have announced a partnership agreement to manufacture a new line of collectible and functional cutlery products, with the new line to be launched in August. Bear & Son will become ROC’s exclusive licensee for cutlery. The knives will be handcrafted at the Bear & Son plant in Jacksonville, AL, where tooling, pressing, heat-treating, grinding, hafting, finishing, and assembly occur. The expanded Remington line will offer several new products including an extension of the Remington Defense Tactical Knives and some additions to the 700 and 870 Series. The Remington knives will be made in the USA, as are all Bear & Son knives, and will be backed by a lifetime warranty.

Crimson Trace claims to have the first green laser sight specifically for a revolver — the LG-415G Lasergrip® for Ruger‘s compact LCR™ and LCRx™ revolvers. $399.

SureFire says its SOCOM Fast-Attach® SOCOM300-SPS suppressor is the quietest suppressor ever built for .300 Black Out (subsonic and supersonic), .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag. $1075.

Apparently purple is the new pink for women’s shooting products, because pink is girly and purple is womanly. Not only that, but apparently what women wear are messages, not just clothing. By looking at what another woman wears, the female author can usually tell her social class, relational availability, confidence level, mood, and how she perceives herself. Who knew? Why aren’t all detectives women?

Cooper Firearms of Montana’s new Model 58 Dangerous Game rifle has proprietary controlled round feed, Timney trigger, and is available in .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .416 Remington, .404 Jeffery, .458 Win. Mag., and .505 Gibbs, with available styles of Classic, Custom Classic, Western Classic, Schnabel, or Mannlicher. About $3100-$6000, depending on style and options.

Woodleigh Bullets of Australia now has a loading manual which includes data for big bores and old Kynoch duplication loads for double rifles.

The Escort Raider is a semiautomatic, detachable box magazine (with optional plug) fed shotgun, available in 12 or 20 gauge with numerous muzzle and stock options. Not available in the US so far.

The Choate Car Rescue Tool. Probably legal?

UniqueTek Manual Brass Marker

Mr. Shooter‘s Brass Marker, motorized


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