April 24, 2015 product highlights

About the Remington/Rohrbaugh .380

Ruger‘s Mini-14 Tactical is now available in .300 AAC Blackout.

Guncrafter Industries is now offering a “Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance” document that will arrive with every GCI pistol along with a detailed test target, including the serial number for that custom 1911, the test shooter’s sign-off and Alex Zimmermann’s signature. The Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance basically states that when used for its intended purpose Guncrafter Industries will stand fully behind every pistol they build, period.

In addition, Guncrafter now offers an annual Wellness Check for any customer that wants to send his pistol in to be looked over and get peace of mind when putting it back into service.

Grabagun.com has the Ruger BX-Trigger for $75.

Colt Python clone? Use your browser’s language translator.

Colt has a skeleton AR rifle with no “furniture,” so you can equip as you like without buying stuff twice. $793.

Marlin has a collector’s 1895 rifle in .45-70 Gov’t. Gold Marlin Horse and Rider and bull elk inlays, gold-plated trigger, 24″ tapered octagon barrel. $1350.

Tikka‘s new T3 Tactical Rifles have 10-round steel magazines. I suppose these will be available and work in all T3s, at least in short action.

Kimber is now guaranteeing 1 MOA accuracy with all of its bolt rifles.

RCBS‘s new Pro Chucker 7 Auto Index Progressive Press is the first 7-station auto-indexing progressive press on the market. $1099.

The Pocket Cannon. I guess I need to stock up on those little green army men.

The Taco Cannon.



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