Oregon school massacre correction

We reported last week that the Oregon school massacrist was killed by responding armed officers. Later reports indicated he killed himself in front of students after one of two responding plainclothes police detectives wounded him in a shootout. Either way, that’s typically how these things end — innocents get shot up, then armed good guys show up, then the killer gives up, kills himself, or gets killed by the good guys with guns.

We also understand that the killer had several firearms with him during the attack, and several more at home, apparently all of which were acquired legally.

“It is harder to find a mass shooter who didn’t go through a background check than one that did.” — AWR Hawkins of Breitbart at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference

So much for the left’s call for more background checks and waiting periods.

Meanwhile, just one day after President Barack Hussein Obama proposed an Australian-like gun ban for America, a murderer opened fire on a police IT worker outside the State Crime Command in Sydney, Australia, killing at least two people, in spite of the fact that every officer there had been ordered to wear their guns on them at all times this week, even while at their desks. And in December another criminal took hostages in a Sydney cafe, also killing two people. (In the mid-1990s Australia and Great Britain both instituted what were virtually complete bans on firearm possession, along with confiscation.)

And Gun Control Australia has proposed a boycott of non-essential travel to America to protest its “inaction on gun control.” Fine. Stay in Australia. We can send you some more leftists to stay there with you.

A late-night school shooting was reported from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff this week, with one dead, 3 wounded, and the attacker in custody. We have a report that NAU is a “gun free zone,” and does not allow the carry of firearms either open or concealed, even with a concealed weapons permit. Apparently this incident was simply a confrontation between students which escalated into violence, and was not any sort of spree killing.

Meanwhile, two people were reported shot on the Texas Southern University campus in Houston this week.


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