MS election: NRA grades, George Soros, Forrest Allgood, Jim Hood, more

You can get NRA grades for statewide and legislative candidates here.

Billionaire gun-banner George Soros gave $382,000 to the liberal Democrat Safety & Justice PAC that spent $56,433 to support liberal anti-gun Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith (who tried to kill Mississippi’s open carry law) in the August 4 Democrat primary, which he won. Smith has no opponent in the general election.

The PAC also spent $89,220 to support the Scott Colom campaign. Colom is the son of Will Colom and is running as a Democrat for District Attorney of Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Clay and Noxubee Counties (16th District). He will face the incumbent, Forrest Allgood, a former Democrat now running as an independent candidate.

NEVER vote for Soros-supported candidates!

Nearly 80% of Attorney General Jim Hood’s donations comes from out-of-state and more than 66% comes from groups that probably do not have Mississippi’s interests at heart:

  • 79.1% of all donations comes from out-of-state
  • 48.1% ($733,600) of all donations comes from the Democratic Attorneys General Association
  • 12.8% ($194,750) of all donations comes from individuals and firms to whom Jim Hood has given public contracts to do Jim Hood’s job
  • 5.3% ($81,000) of all donations comes from labor unions.

Hood says that gun opinions are one of the few types of attorney general opinions that he actually looks at (usually not bothering with opinions written by his staff) and MS gun law is “very, very complicated.” Well, no, it’s not THAT complicated, although it is sloppily written. Hood also claims that his opinions have been “pro gun,” but that he just calls them like he sees them (which is what he should do). However, he has not explained how he created new law by his open carry law opinion, which did not follow the statute or constitution. (He has noted that the state constitution does not permit the legislature to infringe on open carry, but his official opinion said that agency can prohibit it by simply posting a sign, which is not in statute or the constitution.)

Hood faces Mike Hurst, a former federal prosecutor and missionary, in the general election. Hood is NRA-rated B-, while Hurst is rated AQ.

David Baria, the Democrat incumbent running for re-election to Mississippi House District 122 seat, has apparently claimed to be a “Second Amendment Champion” and to have been “endorsed by the NRA.” But the NRA has not endorsed any candidate in that race for the November 3, 2015 general election. NRA has given Baria a B while his Republican challenger Mickey Lagasse has been graded an AQ.

In the nonpartisan race for Circuit Court Judge, District 13, Place 2 (Raleigh area), we have an extremely pro-gun candidate in Stanley A. Sorey, who is opposed by Mary K. Burnham. I will personally vouch for Sorey, who I have known since he was in law school. He’s one of us and deserves your vote if you live in that district.

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