Hillary. Judge Kidd in Mississippi.

“We asked women on our staff, ‘Would you vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman?’ And we were shocked that more than 80 percent said yes. They just want a woman in there. And our question was, ‘Well, what if it was Sarah Palin?’ You got this groan from a liberal group of writers, but the women said, ‘Oh, [deleted] … but we just said yes! If she was the only woman: Yes.’ So it doesn’t matter if she’s going to disappoint you down the road: You want a woman in there.” — Tim Allen

Sounds kinda like the last two elections to me….

We reported a couple of years ago about Hinds County, MS Circuit Court Judge (District 3) Winston Kidd’s erroneous rulings in the matters of MS gun laws, especially the open carry law. We now have another report on Circus Judge Kidd’s actions regarding a criminal case.

Something to think about when Kidd comes up for re-election.


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