MSU ‘active shooter’ follow up

We have a report that the “active shooter” student at Mississippi State last week, who was found not to be shooting and had no gun, will not be charged with any crime. Apparently there was too little evidence of any crime, including misdemeanor disturbing the peace or whatever. In other words, it appears he was minding his own business at the time when cops showed up, scared everyone, and arrested him.

Hopefully, MSU and others will improve their responses to appropriately react to incidents and not grossly inflate them as was done in this case. (“Active shooter” by official definition means that someone is currently in the act of killing or attempting to kill people, and the appropriate response is immediate and commonly lethal.) MSU has said that it will do some “enhancements,” apparently consisting of training, locks and communication improvements. Schools can get training assessments and recommendations free from the National School Shield program if they like:

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