The Only Ones

Firefighters who responded to a hotel fire at the George Washington Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA stumbled upon a blood-spattered hotel room littered with bottles of alcohol and even a piece of a scalp. Police were called. Police Chief J.R. Blyth described the discovery as “the most grisly murder scene in his 35 years in law enforcement.”

Detectives spent eight hours of overtime on the investigation before Chief Blyth realized the blood wasn’t real and that the murder scene was in fact the leftover set of a horror movie filmed two years ago.

A Detroit police officer pleaded no contest to a drive-by shooting at a home and was sentenced to 3 to 8 years in prison. Clifford Earl Gullion was sentenced to 2 years on a felony firearms charge and 1 to 8 years for discharging a weapon into a building. Gullion was on a medical leave of absence from the department at the time, when he drove by and fired five shots from a handgun into the home. Police said Gullion’s wife was a caretaker for a person with a medical condition there, and Gullion allegedly fired the shots because of alleged comments made about his wife by someone in the home. No one in the home was hurt.

Two North Dakota State University students were setting up a large telescope to take pictures of the moon behind their apartment’s garage in Fargo when they were blinded by a bright light and told by numerous police officer to stop moving or they would be shot. It seems that a patrol officer mistook the telescope for a rifle and a dark colored sweater with white lettering on the back for a tactical vest (both of which are presumably legal).

It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with “less lethal” weapons.


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