The Only Ones (who should have guns)?

Federal agents have arrested Kevin Ryan Lumpkin, 29, who was a police officer in North Randall, OH, on charges of selling guns to known felons and shooting a hole in their wall while in uniform.

An unidentified off duty NJ state trooper is under investigation for firing shots at some teens who reportedly mistakenly knocked on his door in search of their party and fled in a car after a verbal exchange with the trooper.

An unidentified Iowa Law Enforcement Academy cadet negligently shot herself while doing a close-range drill, practicing drawing firearms and shooting at a target 7 yards away. The student shot herself in the thigh when drawing her gun during the drill. Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Director Judy Bradshaw said all safety protocols were followed. Apparently she doesn’t know Rule 3 about keeping your finger off the trigger.

An unidentified Henry County, GA police detective shot himself while conducting a protective sweep of a house. As the detective was holstering his gun, it went off and he received a gunshot wound in the leg.

An unidentified Austin, TX Police Department officer shot himself in the leg during routine training at the Austin Police Academy.

Can you say “cop leg?”


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