MS primary election results

I am sad to report that anti-gun Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith was re-elected in the Democratic Primary with 70% of the vote this week. But the good news is that first-term anti-gun Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis (who joined Smith and others in the lawsuit attempting to block the open carry law) was defeated in the Democratic Primary. Lewis noted that “We have received several calls from voters not being able to find the Sheriff’s race on the ballot. Please turn your ballots over…this is a two-sided ballot and both sides will scan once you place it into the machine.” Apparently his Hinds County Democrat voters moved here from Florida….

We also know of some “irregularities” occurring in the county, with at least one poll opening late and handing out the wrong ballots.

In another example of folks voting against a candidate, Robert Gray, an unknown truck driver and retired firefighter, won the Democratic nomination for MS governor in a 3-way race. Gray admitted that he spent NO money on the election, made only two campaign appearances and didn’t even vote in Tuesday’s primary. It appears that Gray got 51% of the votes, narrowly avoiding a runoff with “the” party candidate Vicki Slater, a liberal trial lawyer who was backed by party leaders. Gray of course will be trounced in the general election against incumbent Republican Gov. Phil Bryant, a pro-gun candidate.

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