MS Primary Election: August 4, 2015

Remember the party primaries are Tuesday. You may want to think about voting in the “opposite” primary if you are in a district where there are folks you need to vote against. In some races, the primary is the only chance to do this. For instance in Hinds County, we have a change to fire incumbent anti-gun District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith (D), who was party to the shot-down lawsuit attempting to block the state’s open carry law. Criminal defense lawyers dominate the list of donors for Smith’s campaign. Let’s repeat that: Criminal DEFENSE lawyers (Smith’s courtroom opponents) dominate the list of donors for Smith’s campaign to be the criminal PROSECUTOR. Smith can only be defeated by challenger Stanley Alexander in the Democratic primary on Aug. 4.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves (R) update from

“Reeves is being challenged by conservative Alisha McElhenney [a Tea Party candidate] in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor… McElhenney is a newcomer to politics and is considered a long shot candidate in the primary.

Reeves’ record on gun issues has generally been decent, although he has occasionally been accused of letting pro-gun bills languish in the Senate to settle political scores. He supported two pro gun bills earlier year, and recently backed Gov. Bryant’s executive order to allow national guardsmen to carry at certain recruiting centers.”

Also this week, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vicki Slater said, “It doesn’t matter if God is in your platform.”

I disagree.

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