MS election results

Anti-gun MS state senator Kenny Wayne Jones (D-21: Madison, Attala, Leake, Holmes and Yazoo counties) was apparently narrowly defeated in the Democratic primary by another liberal anti-gun politician, Barbara Blackmon, who held the seat before Jones. Jones was a vocal supporter of the suit attempting to derail the state’s open carry law (which he voted FOR) in 2013 and who we targeted here for defeat. Blackmon is expected to be no better on the issue, but we can take some satisfaction in knowing that after Jones attempted to outlaw our rights, he was defeated.

Those who sued to stop the open carry law in 2013 are:

  • Hinds County DA Robert Shuler Smith (just re-elected)
  • Hinds County sheriff Tyrone Lewis (just defeated)
  • Hinds County constables Jerry Moore (just re-elected), John Brown, Lawrence Funchess (just re-elected) and Bennie Buckner
  • MS state senators Willie Simmons, Sollie Norwood, John Hohrn, and Hillman Frazier. All are Democrats, and Simmons, Hohrn and Frazier voted FOR the OC law, while Norwood didn’t vote.

Hinds County Circus Judge Winston Kidd indulged the antics in his courtroom and was promptly slapped down by the state supreme court.

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