Dept. of Injustice: Gunwalker – the gift that keeps giving

It’s looking like the terrorists involved in the recent Garland, TX shooting at the Muhammad cartoon contest may have gotten their guns courtesy of the US government’s felonious Fast and Furious gun-running program (see this, this and this). The purpose of that program was to ensure that ATF “walked” guns were recovered at crime scenes, in an effort to boost support for more gun control. The F&F program is working. The ATF of course denies any connection between the Garland guns and the ATF’s F&F guns, but I never believe the ATF.

Also this week, an internal investigation of the Dept. of Justice by the Dept. of Justice asserts there was no wrongdoing by the Dept. of Justice in the controversial Operation Choke Point.


And the ATF confirmed this week that they have surreptitiously placed video cameras throughout Seattle to, according to Special Agent Brian Bennett, “support an ongoing federal criminal investigation.” ATF is the lead agency of the Puget Sound Regional Crime Gun Task Force.

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