August 14, 2015 product highlights

We have a report that Win 231 & Hodgdon HP38 (same powder) are being phased out.

Ruger has five-shot Super Blackhawk Bisley models in either .454 Casull or .480 Ruger. Satin stainless steel, 6.5″ barrel, unfluted cylinder, ~50 oz. Available through Lipsey’s.

Ruger has also introduced a Takedown version of its SR-556 autoloading rifle.

Walther has added the .45 ACP to it’s PPQ pistol line, which will be Walther’s first .45. ‘Bout time. $700.

Blaser has added the .338 Lapua Magnum to its R8 line of straight-pull bolt action rifles and call this version the R8 Long Range. $5100.

Savage Arms has introduced the .338 Federal chambering in its Long Range Hunter ($1,104); Hog Hunter ($560); FCSS ($885); Bear Hunter ($1,035); 11 Trophy Hunter XP ($612), and 16 Trophy Hunter XP ($740) models.

Redding has new Premium Die Sets with a carbide expanding button in the full length sizing die and a micrometer on the seating die. Two types of Premium Die Sets are available — the “Premium” Full Length, two (2) die set; contains a carbide Size Button in the full length sizing die and the Bullet Seating Micrometer on the seating die, and the “Premium” Deluxe, three (3) die set; contains the “Premium” two (2) die set (described above) with the addition of a standard Series A neck sizing die. See the website for caliber availability.

Plano 42″ All Weather Tactical Gun Case, great deal

Federal Premium has a new 150-grain Vital-Shok Trophy Copper rifle load in .30-30 Win., featuring a polymer tipped bullet cavity, a grooved bullet shank and copper-alloy construction for up to 99% weight retention and large expansion. The case is nickel-plated. Part No. P3030TC1, $37.95/20.

Surefire says its Warcomp flash hider eliminates 99% of muzzle flash and “virtually eliminates” muzzle rise. Available for 5.56 and 7.62. About $135.


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