Uber update. Domino’s update.

Uber update

A 74-year-old Uber driver in Clear Water, FL, stopped to pick a 60-year-old rider this week, after which an argument began and police said the rider allegedly choked the driver, who pulled a gun from his waistband. During the struggle, the rider was shot in the foot. Apparently neither man was seriously injured. The driver has a concealed weapons permit and is a retired NYPD officer.

An Uber spokesman said that the driver’s access to the Uber platform has been removed. Apparently the passenger, who reportedly attacked the driver, still has his Uber access.

San Francisco-based ride-sharing service Uber formally changed its policy on drivers carrying guns by banning all firearms from
Uber-facilitated vehicles. Since the ban, which has been in effect for less than three weeks, one Uber driver has already been robbed at gunpoint and now this Clear Water driver was allegedly attacked. Just two months prior to the ban an Uber driver used his concealed carry weapon to stop an attempted mass shooting in Chicago.

Domino’s update

For the second time in just over a week, a Domino’s delivery driver has rightfully ignored the company’s anti-gun, anti-carry, pro-death policy and lived to tell about it.

Just last week we reported that a Florida Domino’s driver was involved in a defensive gun use in violation of company policy, killed an armed attacker and stayed alive. This week we have a report of a shootout-surviving New Mexico Domino’s driver.

Apparently a perp went into an Albuquerque Domino’s and held up the business at gun point, left, and then saw a delivery driver in a car in the parking lot. The perp proceeded to try to also rob the driver. But the driver drew his own gun and opened fire, sending the perp to the hospital in critical condition.

Police do not expect any charges against the driver. However, the driver could be facing termination due to Domino’s corporate policy on guns, which says they would rather have employees dead than alive.

I don’t patronize Domino’s.

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