Self-defense in MS, TN, AK (bear), OK and FL

Last weekend, Meridian, MS police received a 911 call around 10:30 pm about a person breaking into an occupied home. Our report indicates that when police arrived at the scene, they found the perpetrator had been shot by a resident, and was taken to a hospital where he died.

Lauderdale County Coroner Clayton Cobler said, “The renter aimed for the middle and hit him right in the middle with one gunshot.” Apparently there will be no trial.

Follow up on Knoxville convenience store defensive shooting.

A Kodiak, AK, homeowner shot and killed a 9-foot, 1000-lb brown bear on his lawn after it charged him from 20 yards. He fired six rounds from his .44 Magnum revolver.

Oklahoma City police do not plan to seek charges against an attorney who they say fatally shot his client in self-defense at the attorney’s home after the client attacked the attorney.

A Hollywood, FL, Domino’s delivery driver was returning from a few deliveries when two suspects approached him and attempted to rob him. He pulled his gun and shot six times, killing one of the alleged robbers and causing the second coward to flee.

Since Domino’s policy is to prohibit drivers from being armed, the employee has been placed on leave and will likely lose his job. But he is still alive to look for another one. Maybe he should sue Domino’s for trying to make him dead.


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