Idiocy: Sandy Hook fallout & an armed robber

NY elementary school after-care supervisor fired after answering elementary school students’ questions about Sandy Hook shooting, following a required lockdown drill.

18-year-old armed robber Tamon J. Stapleton stormed into an East Knoxville, TN, convenience store at 2:30 a.m. and forced the female employee behind the counter and towards the register with a stolen 9mm pistol to her head. A friend of the employee happened to be in his car in front of the store. He retrieved his legally-owned pistol from his car and ran into the store, firing a single shot that struck Stapleton in the head, killing him.

Now Stapleton’s mother Joy is demanding homicide charges be filed against the man who defended the clerk from her evil felonious little darling.

No mayum, we ain’t doing that. He is our hero. You are our problem. Go away.

Meanwhile, local “news” media seemed stunned that it is perfectly legal to defend the life of a third party without being a sworn law enforcement officer.


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