The Only Ones (who should have guns)

Off-duty Greenville, MS, Police Officer Arsenio Robinson has been charged by Belzoni, MS, police with accessory to a homicide after the fact, because he allegedly gave the suspect the keys to his car to get away.

An autopsy found that a man was fatally strangled by Stonewall, MS, Police Officer Kevin Herrington, after authorities reportedly told the family that the man died of “manual asphyxiation” and that the death was a homicide. No report of any charges yet.

A man attacked an off-duty NYC police officer in the Bronx this week, punching the officer in the face and stealing her department-issued handgun, apparently from her purse.

“Do cops give in to criminals who flash a gun? Why not, if that’s their advice to others?” — Kurt Kirkpatrick


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