July 17, 2015 product highlights

Mas Ayoob says that the new Jox speedloader carrier ($43 + $6 shpg.) is “worth every penny.”

Bullet bouquets

Ammo-Up Compact: The quicker picker-upper for brass

Powder compression die (which probably suggests there’s a better load)

Legacy Sports International, Inc. is offering short action detachable magazines and magazine kits to fit Remington 700 rifles in popular calibers. The kits and magazines are made of polymer and are priced well below many competitive products. Short action and standard long action kits and magazines are available in 5 or 10 round capacities, while long action magnum calibers will be available in 5 round capacity only. All of these kits are drop-in ready, and can be installed in minutes.

Peltor’s RangeGuard Electronic Earmuffs (around $50) are a lot like their Tactical 6S model, but with some changes. I have some 6S models which I like, and this RangeGuard seems to address all of the things I would have changed. I would also like to see a rechargeable model that you just plug in to recharge with the batteries still installed. Or how about a solar model?

Here are the changes:

  • Re-engineered, extra padded headband for improved fit and comfort
  • 4-hour auto shut-off
  • Easy-access exterior battery door with tether
  • 3.5 mm audio input jack compatible with most MP3 players and 2-way radios
  • Durable recessed microphones

The Winchester Repeating Arms historical rifle for 2015 is the Model 1873 Sporter Octagon Color Case Hardened rifle, with a full octagon 24″ barrel and full-length magazine tube, offered in .357 Mag./.38 Spl. and .44-40 Win. (.44 WCF) calibers. $1,740.

Starline has added the .30 carbine and 9mm Steyr to its line of brass cases.

The .960 Rowland. Don’t get excited.


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