Gun burglaries

Investigators said about a dozen teens cut through a chain on a gate at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and broke into the Orlando Gun Show expo building by smashing a window with a brick. They stole 26 guns.

Someone stole an H&K UMP submachine gun, an M4 semiautomatic rifle, a Glock Model 21 pistol, and a Glock Model 23 pistol from an unmarked Orange County Sheriff’s Office Chevy Traverse that a deputy had parked in a driveway for the night. Casselberry police said it’s not clear whether the vehicle was locked when the deputy left it unattended, though he said it was. There were no signs of forced entry. If the deputy had not secured the guns inside in a department-approved and locked container inside the vehicle, he violated agency rules, and according to police, there was no locked container. The theft was the second time in two months that someone has stolen weapons from a parked Orange County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. Also stolen were a Taser, tactical vests, a Kevlar helmet, an expandable baton and police radio, police reported.


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