gun free zone killing

Chattanooga, Tennessee Islamic jihadist killings of US Marines

Note the sign on the door amongst the bullet holes. That’s pretty much all you need to know….

gun free zone killing

US Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is using Chattanooga to troll for more gun laws. (Rangel is responsible for the 1986 federal gun ban and was censured in 2010 by the House after the House Ethics Committee found him guilty of 11 counts of violating House ethics rules. Rangel has stated that he will not run for re-election.)

The attacks of course happened at two federal facilities where there are complete gun bans and CCW permits aren’t valid. Even military personnel at military installations are not allowed to carry weapons, except for MPs and specific guards. So the disarmed Marines had to wait on the arrival of a civilian police officer after 30 minutes of attacks. It was too late.

The mission of the Navy Reserve (one of the shot-up locations) is “Ready Now. Anytime. Anywhere.”

Apparently not.

Army Gen. Ray Odierno said there are “legal issues” involved in allowing recruiters to carry guns. I suggest there are “legal issues” with prohibiting your staff from staying alive.

Reports that the attack came without warning appear to be false, since an ISIS Twitter account posted a message earlier that morning telling “American dogs” that “You will see wonders” in Chattanooga.

And in Paris this week, three young men were arrested in connection with a plot to attack a military base. The suspects were in contact with an Islamic State group jihadi who told them to “strike in France.”

Meanwhile, CBS reported:

“Jeff, do we know anything about the gunman or the type of weapon that was used?”

“Well, we know that there were multiple, several shots fired, so it was some sort of automatic weapon.”

And US Attorney for the Eastern District in Tennessee, Bill Killian, said Thursday that “There are no safety concerns for the general public,” while US Senator Lamar Alexander (RINO-TN) said he “will monitor the situation closely.” (We also have a report that Killian was connected to one of the founders of the local mosque and even gave a keynote speech at the grand opening of the mosque.) I feel so much safer.

You know what my remaining comments are. No need to write them here.

“As I watched yesterday, the overwhelming emotion I felt was sadness. Not for the dead but for the fact that Tennesseans — not just Americans but SOUTHERNERS, by God — have become so gelded, so self-neutered as to react to the attack like a flock of frightened sheep. Where was the guy who ignored the victim disarmament zone signs, who could have produced a handgun and shot the Jihadi in the back as he attacked? Where was the armed citizen who takes responsibility for the protection of himself/herself and others? Nowhere in evidence. It is that silent passing of the America I grew up in that I mourn above all.” — Mike Vanderboegh
“Sadly, our so-called ‘advanced’ society has devolved in 150 years to embrace an illogical state of mandatory disarmament and learned helplessness. Even our military personnel are now instructed that they should be fearful of guns, that all American gun-owners are ‘enemies of the state,’ and that being feeble, helpless ‘good victims,’ (while, of course, maintaining a continuous state of personal defenselessness) represent their ultimate civil duties!” — John Farnam

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