‘The Only Ones’ being bad

Oakwood Village, OH, Police Officer Marcia M. Masters, 47, was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for making false statements related to the purchase of three firearms. Masters acted as a straw purchaser of a firearm from Semi-Arms Inc. in Broadview Heights, OH, by lying on the ATF 4473 Form, falsely stating that she was the actual buyer and recipient of a revolver and two rifles. Masters bought the guns for a friend of hers, who was buying them for what he thought was a friend of his, who turned out to be a felonious confidential informant for the ATF. Now everyone’s going to jail, except the cooperating felon.

Hillsborough, FL, County sheriff’s deputy Paul Adee Jr., a corrections deputy at Hillsborough County Jail, did some off-duty target-practice along with a group of seven others that left a neighbor’s house riddled with bullet holes. The home is the residence of a single mother of 13 children, most of them adopted. One round shattered a window above a baby’s crib and others hit the back wall and the cage around a swimming pool. No one was injured.

Deputies from the same department were called and took statements, but after compiling a 198-page criminal report, never brought any charges against anyone. Investigators and prosecutors said that because the firearms were being passed around, there was no way to determine who fired the shots that struck the home.

Adee was suspended for ONE day without pay because he violated department policy on the storage, handling and use of weapons, according to an internal affairs report.

A Secret Service officer in the Uniformed Division had his gun stolen from his personal car after parking it outside his girlfriend’s condo last week in Adams Morgan, a Washington, D.C. suburb.

Two Florida state employees involved in a plan to sell spent brass taken from a state-owned shooting range could soon face criminal charges, according to the Inspector General of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Apparently instead of going to charity, the money from the recycled brass at the commission’s Cecil M. Webb shooting range goes to three men: Glenn Nickell, the chief range safety officer; his boss, John Weatherholt; and Glenn Demoss, an ex-con who does side jobs for Nickell.

Shelby, NC police, who apprehended the Charleston massacre suspect, whom they knew had murdered nine people just hours before, took him to Burger King for a sandwich on his way to the clink.

I’m not kidding.


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