June 19, 2015 product highlights

Ruger’s Redhawk revolver, which some knowledgeable people say can handle VERY high pressures, is now available chambered to shoot both .45 ACP and .45 Colt cartridges. The new model has a round butt frame, a 4.2″ half-lug barrel, fully adjustable black blade rear sight and red ramp front sight, and 17 lb. trigger.

The revolver comes with three full moon clips for the .45 Auto rounds. 44 oz. $1029. I guess I do need another .45 after all.

Robar Guns has their PolymAR15, with polymer upper and lower receivers, weighing under 6 lbs., in 5.56 NATO or .300 Blackout. $1695.

GECO Ammunition is now marketing two .22 LR loads in the US. GECO is a european sister company of Rottweil & Norma, based in Switzerland.

Can Can Concealment

SureFire’s new version of its P2X Fury is an auto-adjusting flashlight with IntelliBeam™ Technology (P2XIB) which features an intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system that continuously and seamlessly adjusts light output from 15-600 lumens by constantly evaluating its surroundings.

You press or click the tailcap switch to engage this auto-adjusting mode. To override this mode, simply return to off and press or click again within one second to activate the max-output/tactical mode. This second press or click locks in at 600 lumens.

The P2XIB defaults to IntelliBeam mode when it’s off for more than one second. The P2XIB is powered by two 123A lithium batteries (included). $229.

New Limited Edition Kingsford® Charcoal is now available in Next G2 Camo™ packaging at Walmart Supercenters. In case you want a camouflage fire I suppose.

Hogue now offers G10 contour trigger guards – extra roomy for gloved trigger hands – or straight G10 guards in a variety of beautifully-layered colors, hardware included, for AR rifles. They’re colorful, extremely tough and lighter than aluminum. Starting at $24.95. Hogue’s new contour polymer trigger guards are offered in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) for $12.95.

Black Hills Ammunition has released an improved version of their famous 77 grain long range precision 5.56mm round. The new version features a green color polymer ballistic tip Sierra boat-tail projectile called the Tipped MatchKing (TMK), which is the first “ballistic tip” bullet by Sierra.

The BC has jumped from 0.373 of to 0.420. The original Mk262/77gr SMK’s BC is very close to that of the 147-150 gr 7.62x51mm, the new polymer tip bullet of Black Hills 77 gr TMK gives it the long range performance near the heavier 168 gr .308 caliber bullet.

Taiwan’s new XT-105 service rifle in 5.56×45 NATO

Fancy Italian gun cases

Brownells has come out with their own high quality .308/ 7.62x51mm 20-round magazines for the AR platform, designed specifically for DPMS LR-308 and Knight’s SR-25 pattern rifles. They have the brown anti tilt followers as well. $20.

New Federal Premium Vital-Shok™ High Density® buckshot was already in use by feral hog exterminators who work for various government agencies, and now it’s available to the general public.

12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch #PHD159 00
9-pellet 00 buck tungsten-alloy (lighter than lead) payload
1,600 fps
$16.95 per 5

Bud’s Gun Shop has DPMS Oracle 16″ AR rifles for $494 delivered. This is the model with no sights.

Leupold has recently redesigned their Gold Ring spotting scope in the 12-40x60mm HD and the 20-80x60mm models, adding the MOA-based Impact reticle so it is now matched to the MOA marks and adjustments on your riflescope. Starting about $1500.


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