Charleston Update. “Gun Free Zones.” More.

Charleston Update

We can learn a few things from the victims and survivors in Charleston:

  • How to be Christian witnesses in the face of pure evil.
  • How not to volunteer to be a victim or live in denial.
  • How far white America has come since the 60’s, judging by our reactions to this atrocity.

You might want to listen to this:

And read these — “Securing the Sanctuary” and Sid Salter’s column.

In truth, churches are no more safe havens than convenience stores.
— Sid Salter


I don’t think the church was his primary target because he told us he was going for the school. But I think he couldn’t get into the school because of the security … so I think he just settled for the church.
— a friend of the Charleston killer (see — why gun free zones are a bad idea).

Note that in Mississippi, a citizen who is not a “prohibited person” can legally carry in a church by either OPEN carrying or CCW with an ENHANCED CCW license (or with “purse carry” with no permit after July 1). The standard, regular CCW license does not allow legal CCW in churches, regardless of signs or permission. A “no guns” sign posted at a church in MS has no legal weight. A church presumably could pursue trespassing charges against a person legally carrying against the wishes of the rulemakers in the church.

See also “Hero of 1993 church attack calls for being armed.”

Top Democratic strategist Bob Shrum says the Charleston shooting would have been a “horror” if the parishioners were armed: “Now I cannot imagine the horror that could have occurred if people were sitting around with concealed weapons, this thing started, and you have a full-scale gunfight,” said Democratic adviser. Really? You think the outcome they has was better because they couldn’t defend themselves? Really? Let’s just put you in the room then, Bob. How did he get to be a “top” guy?

“If Congress had passed some common-sense gun safety reforms after Newtown,” President Obama said during a visit to San Francisco last week, “we don’t know if it would have prevented what happened in Charleston.” Actually, Mr. Obama lied — we do know: Had the bill to which he was referring (an expansion of the background check requirement for gun buyers to include sales that do not involve federally licensed dealers) been enacted, it would not have done anything to prevent the massacre. The perp bought his Glock competition pistol from a dealer and passed a background check.

Have you noticed that the attention in the lamestream media, as well as in some activist groups, in the wake of Charleston is mostly on the Confederate flag and not on mental illness or on how to stop mass murderers? Has any major media outlet discussed the failures of their beloved Brady Bunch Background Check, except to say they want more of what doesn’t work?

But CNN is using the massacre, committed with only a pistol, to criticize modern sporting rifles.

Or, let’s talk about what does work:

Ever heard of Deacons for Defense? Go look them up.

Other massacres

At least 27 people, mostly foreigners, were killed and 6 more injured in what is being called a terrorist attack on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia last week. One gunman has been shot dead and another is being pursued.

Tunisia has been on high alert since March when militants killed 22 people, mainly foreign tourists, in an attack on a museum in the capital Tunis.

Tunisia has strict gun control.

The “Safe Haven” gun free zone documentary program is now available online.

Civil disobedience

An estimated one million New Yorkers have refused to register firearms that the 2013 NY “SAFE Act” law arbitrarily and unconstitutionally determined were “assault rifles,” which are basically just semiautomatic rifles. Out of one million estimated “assault weapon” owners, 23,847 owners registered a total of 44,485 weapons. That’s 98% noncompliance, or 95% if you count guns instead of people.

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