Charleston church massacre: Some observations

A lone white 21 year old man opened fire this week during a prayer or Bible study meeting inside a historic black AME church in downtown Charleston, SC, killing nine people, including the pastor (who was also a state senator and a supporter of President Obama and gun control), and leaving three survivors in an assault authorities described as a hate crime intended “to start a race war.” The man sat with the small group for approximately one hour before the attack. He used a Glock semiautomatic 45 caliber pistol and intentionally left one survivor to tell what happened, and reportedly reloaded five times (which doesn’t make sense to me) while his helpless but legal victims had nothing to reload.

The perpetrator is charged with nine counts of murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Some reports say that the man’s father bought him the gun as a birthday present, while others indicate that he was given “birthday money” and bought the gun himself without his family’s knowledge. (Perps who commit or attempt to commit crimes which appear to be partly for the purpose of getting in the news will not be named here.)

Some observations:

  1. South Carolina does not allow legal CCW in churches, even with a license, without the church’s explicit permission. It was a “gun free” zone. The pastor CHOSE himself and his flock to be victims.
  2. Mass killings in this country are almost always perpetrated by young white males, regardless of whether there is a racial component to the crime.
  3. Retaliation or reprisal may not be biblical, but defense and justice are.
  4. The leftists and fascists will use this in an effort to blame the folks who didn’t do it and to call for more gun control.*
  5. The perp reportedly had been arrested and charged with felony drug possession in February and was out on bond — which makes him a prohibited person to possess a gun — then obtained the gun in April; presumably a felony.

*And, it’s happened — during writing the above scarcely 12 hours after the attack, I found the following statement from Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, made just after the massacre: “We don’t know what could have been done. I personally believe there are far too many guns out there, access to guns…. The number of handguns that are out there, and therefore the (easy ability) for people to gain possession of them, no doubt contributes to violent acts.” Riley said Wednesday’s church shooting is “another example” more gun control is necessary.

Meanwhile, President Obama set a new record time when he immediately condemned the killings as another example of “gun violence,” and attached no blame to anyone or anything except the “easy availability” of guns. Hillary said about the same thing.

Mr. Obama also lied when he said “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

“[W]e experienced strong consumer demand for our firearm products following a new [anti-gun] administration taking office in Washington, D.C. in 2009,” said the management of gunmaker Smith & Wesson. (So I guess it’s Obama’s fault. — JP)

Remember, that church was a gun free zone. (S.C. Code Ann.§ 23-31-215)

We also have a report of shots fired into a Memphis, TN church this week with no casualties.


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