May 8, 2015 product highlights

I received my Squirrel Daddy AR15 Lower Vise Block just a few days after I ordered it, and it works fine. It’s on sale for just $5.99 with free shipping.

From May 1 – May 30 this year, Remington Outdoor Company will be offering current USPSA members ROC Employee pricing on a large number of products by Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS, Para USA, and H&R. That’s nearly 50% off the MSRP.

Black Aces Tactical has a shotshell-firing firearm with an 8.5″ barrel, SIG SB15 arm brace, Magpul RVG forward grip, 10-round BAT box magazine and optional folding brace extension. The receiver extension brings the overall length up to 27″, meaning it’s classified just as a “firearm,” and not a SBS or AOW. No tax stamps, extra fees or extra background checks. About $1200.

Some cool shotgun accessories

It looks like the MagPul PMAG has some competition from Mission First Tactical

And here’s a place to store them

Hevi-Shot has two new 12 gauge magnum “Hog Wild” loads for boar. Available in 3″ and 3½” sizes, both have velocities of 1,250 fps, and produce over 800 ft-lbs of energy per ball. The 3″ round is loaded with two saboted 0.625″ Hevi-Shot balls, separated by a plastic wad, and the 3½” load has three balls, each separated to prevent deformation. (0.625″ is a bit more than 20 gauge. A LEAD ball that size would weigh a little over 350 grains. By my calculations the Hevi-Shot balls should weigh around 380 grains each, which is a lot more than their energy figures indicate.)

Beeman has their new Model DB2015, an over/under (two barrels, in 177/22 cal.) spring piston powered, break barrel air rifle capable of propelling either a .177 pellet at 1,000 fps, or a .22 pellet at 800 fps. Weighing just under 10 lbs., with an OAL of 44″ inches, the DB2015 features a quasi-military style olive-drab colored synthetic stock with pistol grip, faux magazine, raised comb, and mil-spec ribs on the receiver and barrel areas for sight mounting.

Beeman also has the new Model 1073GP gas ram-operated rifle with interchangeable (.177/.22) barrels, a new Quiet Tek Dual Caliber spring piston powered Model 1152QT, and 7 older break-barrel, spring piston powered models with interchangeable barrels.

Under Beeman’s Marksman label is the Pocket Hunter, a slingshot with a pull weight of 42 pounds! It is capable of propelling a 3-piece arrow downrange at 115 fps, utilizing a pocket/paracord combination with an adapter for accurate arrow launching.

Archangel’s AA556EX unit is a complete stock assembly for the Ruger 10/22 rifle which provides the 10/22 with an AR-15 appearance.

AR-15 mag wraps (like the car decorations)

HK now has the USP Tactical in 9mm. I like “tactical” pistols because they have full-length barrels and operating systems (close to 5″ in this case). The USPT is also available in .40 and .45.

Kimber’s Classic Carry Elite 1911 is purty. $2495.

I either forgot or was heretofore unaware that Savage produces some bolt action shotguns, the Model 212 (12 ga.) and 220 (20 ga.) series, starting at about $600. The slug guns are rifled and more of a rifle than shotgun. Accutrigger, detachable box magazine, 1 MOA accuracy. The Custom Shop (413-568-7001 ext. 4299) can also build you a turkey version, or whatever you want. Look under Firearms, Center Fire, Specialty Series.

Adams Arms’ Small Frame .308 patrol Battle Rifle is an upgraded version of the small frame short-stroke piston AR-style rifle which includes the Samson Extended Evolution Rail, Magpul K2 Grip, and an enhanced sopmod-style buttstock. Over 50% of the rifle is reciprocal to standard AR-15 parts and accessories, making this a compact, reliable, and lightweight (9 lb.) package with added rail space and options. “Guaranteed accuracy for life.” $1776, plus sights.

Affordable body armor ($299)

Corset holster for the ladies ($75-130)

TriggerTech’s new AR-15 Frictionless Trigger system uses a free-floating roller that sits between the trigger and the hammer, which eliminates sliding friction entirely to eliminate creep and heavy pull weights. This drastically increases accuracy and overall user feel. The core components are made of high-grade 440C martensitic stainless tool steel and hardened to 60 Rockwell C. The housings are CNC’d anodized aluminum. All other components are made from high-quality metals, designed to outlast your firearm and perform consistently.

Claimed Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced reset control capabilities
  • Optimal hammer spring and geometry for the highest possible performance
  • Increased accuracy and overall user feel
  • Adjustable trigger pull

MSRP for the AR-15 Trigger will be below $160 and you can sign up for pre-order online at

Aero Precision has (had — now showing out of stock) AR-15 stripped upper blems for $44.

Just in case they weren’t nice enough, Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing now has a line of BBQ 1911 pistols, starting at $5000.

The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit from Uniquetek converts your Dillon RL 550B or XL 650 press to a single stage press to allow you to perform reloading operations that cannot be done using a Dillon progressive reloading press. $95.


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