May 29, 2015 product highlights

Kentucky Gun Co. is selling a bunch of new blemish guns (mostly Taurus) at a discount.

We have word that someone in Baton Rouge, LA, is bringing back a reproduction of the Winchester Models 88 and 100 rifles. More when we hear it.

A friend recommended the Pistolwear Trump Card under-the-shirt holster, which he had borrowed from a friend. He says it’s comfortable. He did, however, wrestle with a twisted strap while wearing it in public. (H/T Andy)

Alexander Arms has its very cool R-338 Ulfberht (I don’t know how to say that one) .338 Lapua (Lop-wah) semiauto rifle. The ad says 4 shots into less than 1 MOA at 1400 yards in 3.5 seconds. 19.8 lbs. $6850, on sale now for $5460.

Nikon‘s new P-308 BDC 800 is a nice mid-to-long-range scope for AR rifles that has a BDC reticle marked out to 800 yards. The reticle matches the trajectory of a 168-grain HBT Match .308 projectile at 2,680 fps and can easily be adapted for use with other loads and even other cartridges with Nikon’s SpotOn app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. $249.

Nikon’s P-223 1.5-4.5×20 is designed for AR-15s and other 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. rifles for precision close-range shooting. $189.

Sig Sauer is offering colored grip shells for the P320 and P250 series pistols (which allow you to change the grip shell among different sizes). The new colors are Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab green. Part numbers here.

Springfield Armory is now offering the XDs pistol and M1A rifle in Flat Dark Earth.

HSG Tactical Cooler panels. Truly tacticool? What’s next, camoCoors?

Tuffy has the Model 318 Tablet Safe, a steel lockbox for tablet computers (or handguns). It’s listed as only 1″ deep. $100.

I wasn’t aware that anyone made a dedicated brass dryer, but here it is, along with an interesting hand deprimer.

Gander Mountain has Remington Model 783 Compact Centerfire Rifles in .270 or .30-06 for just $230 after mail-in rebate.


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